Why Enterprises Need to Turn to their Contact Centres to Gain Valuable Customer Insights thumbnail

In a rapidly evolving customer-centric business landscape, enterprises are recognising the need for a deeper understanding of their customers. Don Macdonald of Sabio explains..

Nurturing a Flexible Work Culture Through Developing a Comprehensive Hybrid Work Policy thumbnail

Learn about the key considerations and best practices for developing a comprehensive hybrid work policy that promotes employee well-being, collaboration, and performance..

Ascensos Uses Calabrio ONE To Schedule and Empower 2,500 Agents and Save 375 Hours a Week thumbnail

Calabrio has announced that Ascensos is using Calabrio ONE to schedule 2,500 agents at 7 contact centre locations in the UK, Romania, Turkey, and South Africa..

The Updated Customer Service Landscape: Navigating the Path to Customer-Centric Success thumbnail

The customer service landscape is experiencing a fundamental transition as a result of changing customer expectations, technological improvements, and the pursuit of excellence..

BigChange Launches Analytics Dashboards to Live Track Business Costs and Profit thumbnail

BigChange has launched a series of Analytics Dashboards to display critical business information for field service firms. The new Dashboards are part of the BigChange job management system..

How Much Customer Service Should Your Social Media Accounts Handle? thumbnail

The ubiquitous nature of social media and its engagement potential has led companies to increasingly leverage these platforms for customer service purposes. Here, we delve into statistical insights and best practices..

Sabio Group Secures Aramis Group’s Aramisauto to Strengthen French Customer Base thumbnail

Sabio Group has strengthened its French customer base by securing Aramis Group’s Aramisauto on a multi-year digital transformation project. Sabio will support Aramisauto’s contact centre migration to the Genesys..

Empowering Customer Protection through Proactive Real-Time Monitoring thumbnail

Here we explore the concept of empowering customer protection through proactive real-time monitoring. We also emphasize the need for businesses to actively monitor and analyze security threats in real time..

How Cross-Country Moving Companies Are Redefining Customer Experience thumbnail

Cross-country moving can be a daunting and stressful task to undertake. This often puts a massive burden on customers, who have other pressing issues to deal with as they relocate..

4 Effective Strategies to Enhance Your Customer’s Buying Experience thumbnail

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, providing a positive customer buying experience has become crucial for companies aiming to thrive and succeed. In this article, we’ll explore four effective strategies..

Davies Embarks on Global Digital Transformation Project With Sabio Group thumbnail

Sabio has been selected by Davies, the leading specialist professional services and technology business, serving insurance and highly regulated markets, to support the transformation of its contact centre and CX..

New Era of Telephone Payments: SOTpay Shakes Up the Industry as IVR and DTMF Hang Up thumbnail

Gala Technology, the trailblazer in payment solutions, is thrilled to reintroduce SOTpay, an innovative technology set to revolutionise telephone payments. SOTpay heralds a new era of secure and seamless transactions..

Empower Your Customers: Master Self-Service with Structured Content and AI thumbnail

In a world where customer service is constantly evolving, there’s a rising star that’s transforming the game: self-service. Fraser Doig, Associate Product Marketing Manager at RWS, explains..

Webinar: Using Analytics to Find and Address Unknowns and to Drive a Better Customer Experience thumbnail

Join Kyle Smaagard, Technical Program Manager – Machine Learning & AI at Calabrio, to learn about AI and how to use your data to drive a better customer experience..

Wellbeing on the Frontline: Stephen Yap – Research Director at CCMA thumbnail

At Disrupt 2023, Joe O’Brien of Sabio interviewed Stephen Yap, Research Director at the CCMA, on the benefits of empowering contact centre advisors to help deliver excellent CX..

10 Tips to Write Customer Service Emails That Win Loyalty thumbnail

Creating loyal customers is a difficult goal to achieve. Building a reputation takes time and effort and one nasty email can ruin years of good work. That’s why it’s important to nail your customer service emails..

Sailing the Waters of Innovation: A Round-Up of ‘Disrupt on the River’ thumbnail

As the sun set on London’s iconic River Thames, attendees of our ‘Disrupt on the River’ event found themselves not just on a boat, but at the helm of the future of customer engagement..

Hodge Clemco Rolls-Out Paperless Working with BigChange Mobile Tech thumbnail

Hodge Clemco, the manufacturer and supplier of surface finishing equipment, has rolled-out a fully-digital job management system from BigChange. Using the cloud-based system, Hodge Clemco has doubled..

Warmable Aims To Help Customers With Next Day Visits thumbnail

Two entrepreneurs from London have highlighted a problem with the boiler industry in the UK and have set up a new brand called Warmable to help consumers and businesses save money..