Retrieving Lost Customers From Cart Abandonment Scenarios

Retrieving Lost Customers From Cart Abandonment Scenarios thumbnail

Online shopping – the process can sometimes be so frustrating as to send you off your trolley! We’ve all been there, that last minute hesitation before you hit ‘Pay Now’ on checkout at Amazon, eBay or wherever..

Six Things You Need to Know for Contact Center Success in 2023

Six Things You Need to Know for Contact Center Success in 2023 thumbnail

Melissa Copeland, Principal at Blue Orbit Consulting reveals six predictions for a successful contact center in 2023. Melissa founded Blue Orbit Consulting after running staff organizations in contact centers..

Appello Careline Selects Sabio Group to Support Roll-Out of New Cloud Contact Centre Platform thumbnail

Appello Careline, an award-winning 24-hour careline services provider, has selected Sabio Group for its migration to a new cloud contact centre platform. Sabio will provide crucial network and managed service support..

Customer Service Managers: 11 Critical Skills That Can Make Your CV Stand Out thumbnail

There are many skills that a customer service manager needs to succeed in their chosen career. When applying for jobs, you should show the essential skills required and be able to give examples..

How Gen Z Employees Can Help Improve Customer Service

How Gen Z Employees Can Help Improve Customer Service thumbnail

For companies looking to retain customers, investing in Gen Z employees can provide an effective way to improve customer service. Here is how Gen Zers can help you give your customers the best possible experience..

Eight Tips to Deal with Customer Complaints Quickly and Effectively thumbnail

Customer complaints can be a tricky thing to navigate as a business. This article provides strategies on how to manage customer complaints with professionalism, efficiency and understanding..

Maximizing the Benefits of Augmented Reality in Field Services for Customer Service Teams thumbnail

As a sub-section of customer services and support, field services plays a critical role in the service delivery ecosystem of many businesses. Fraser Doig, Associate Product Marketing Manager at RWS explains..

Calabrio Earns Spot on G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards for Customer Service thumbnail

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, today announced it has been named in G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards, on the Customer Service list. Calabrio helps empower contact centres..

GoSee Selects PCI Pal to Enhance Contact Centre Payment Experience thumbnail

GoSee, which provides car, campervan and RV hire, has partnered with PCI Pal, the global SaaS provider of secure payment solutions for business communications, to secure its contact centre payments..

Happy Customers Starts With a Happy Team

Happy Customers Starts With a Happy Team thumbnail

The time for short-term fixes is over and businesses are looking at long-term strategies, particularly when it comes to attracting the very best candidates and building loyalty and longevity across their team..

What Elephants and Customer Experiences Have in Common

What Elephants and Customer Experiences Have in Common thumbnail

Customers are like elephants; they have amazing memories. This means they will never forget a truly wonderful or absolutely horrible service experience. Jim Davies explores ways to provide elephant-astic experiences..

Generative AI: A False Dawn in Customer Service, Or The New Hope thumbnail

Generative AI tools – such as ChatGPT – have captured the minds of everyone across the technology spectrum and beyond. Stuart Dorman of Sabio Group takes a closer look at this potentially disruptive technology.

Customer Service is Your Ace in the Hole During a Recession thumbnail

Dan Darcy, Chief Customer Officer at Qualified, explains how business leaders can double down on amazing customer experiences to not only cut costs but grow despite a tough economy..

Nearly Half of Global Consumers Frustrated by English Language Internet and Technology thumbnail

A RWS report reveals 44% of global consumers are frustrated by the dominance of the English language on the internet and technology and only 23% feel brands understand their cultural needs and priorities..

Where Do Customer Service and Cybersecurity Intertwine?

Where Do Customer Service and Cybersecurity Intertwine? thumbnail

A successful firm must have both customer service and cybersecurity. At first glance, they might appear unrelated, yet they are actually intertwined in several significant ways. The protection of customer data is one..

PCI Pal to Speak at CIO Watercooler Live London

PCI Pal to Speak at CIO Watercooler Live London thumbnail

PCI Pal is attending the CIO Watercooler Live 2023 event in London, where Chief Information Security Officer, Geoff Forsyth, will be providing CIOs with an insight to security and compliance threats..

How Has Technology Helped to Improve Consumer Business Management? thumbnail

In today’s day and age, technology is evolving at a never-before-seen rate, providing organizations with fresh and creative options – from customer relations to inventory management..

TDCX Announces Launch of Digital Customer Experience Center of Excellence in Singapore thumbnail

TDCX, an award-winning digital customer experience (CX) solutions provider for innovative technology, announced today the launch of its first Digital CX Center of Excellence in Singapore..

Employers Are Stepping Up As 53% of Frontline Colleagues Report Symptoms of Stress thumbnail

Research released today highlights the changing nature of calls taken in the contact centre are having an impact on frontline wellbeing, with more than half of frontline colleagues reporting work-related stress..