What Is Customer Intelligence and How to Use It to Drive Customer Loyalty thumbnail

Customer intelligence (CI) is the process of understanding the specific needs of your customers and analyzing all the data you have on them to serve them better, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty..

Choosing the Right Call Center Scripting Tool and Its Impact thumbnail

Scripting tools for call centers are available in abundance in the market, but what makes a good call center script, and what should companies take care of before building their scripts?

PCI Pal Announced as a Finalist in the 2021 Cloud Excellence Awards thumbnail

PCI Pal, the global provider of cloud-based secure payment solutions, has been announced as a finalist in the 2021 Computing Cloud Excellence Awards for the ‘Best Cloud Finance Solution’ category. .

Connecting the Dots for Customer Service in a Hybrid Workforce

Connecting the Dots for Customer Service in a Hybrid Workforce thumbnail

Benedict Bleimschein, COO and Vice President of Customer Success at Mindbreeze looks at the challenges for customer service employees working in a hybrid workplace and suggests new tools that can help them..

The Two Key Skills to Hire For in Customer Service Roles thumbnail

Omer Molad, Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe believes that by doing your due diligence and choosing an appropriate skills test, you can determine if candidates possess the right levels of empathy and resilience..

The Age of Online Communities:  How to Create Branded Communities and Why You Should Bother thumbnail

Henry Spitzer, VP of Sales at Lusha explains how community building is a powerful and cost-effective way to increase retention by creating a central destination for users to find support, advice and best practices..

Embrace Multi-Channel Messaging for High-Quality Customer Service thumbnail

Not only is it vital to keep customers informed, but it is also critical that businesses make it as easy as possible for consumers to reach them. Nick Millward, VP Europe at mGage, now part of Kaleyra explains..

BigChange Network Gives SES Home Services Fast Track to Expansion thumbnail

Home services company SES Home Services is undertaking a business-wide digital transformation project using cloud-based field service management technology from BigChange..

Research Reveals an Emotionally Connected Customer Community Leads to Better Marketing ROI thumbnail

A recent study from LoyaltyLion has found that if retailers can create emotional connections with their customers, they will see a greater ROI from their marketing investment..

What Is the Future for Customer Service After the Pandemic? thumbnail

While most businesses could continue working from home, the hospitality industry was left dwindling throughout lockdown. Pubs, bars and restaurants closed their doors, and many companies lost revenue..

Strong Customer Authentication: Three Things Every Merchant Needs to Know thumbnail

Adam Bromage-Hughes, Technical Director at Encoded takes a closer look at the Payment Services Directive, PSD2 and discusses why SCA is so important for companies and customers..

4 Strategies to Keep Your Team Engaged

4 Strategies to Keep Your Team Engaged thumbnail

For a company to be successful and profitable, it needs to sell great products, offer amazing customer service and have loyal customers. But above all else, it needs to have a team of highly engaged employees..

5 Free Ways to Help Your Employees Improve Their Customer Service Skills thumbnail

Excellent customer service is one of the most fundamental aspects of any business. It’s also one of the areas that can always be improved on, regardless of how good we might think we are at it..

Mapping the Full Customer Journey – 3 Reasons Why Voice Matters thumbnail

Too many organisations underestimate the power of voice and yet it continues to be the building block of customer engagement. Kris McKenzie at Calabrio suggests the secret to success lies in blending voice..

The Latest Technology Revolutionizing the In-Store Customer Experience thumbnail

By adopting tools like AI, big data, and data analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights about their customers in order to personalize and significantly improve their in-store experiences..

The Importance of Prompt Conflict Resolution and Customer Appeasement thumbnail

Dan Slavin, CEO and co-founder of CodeBroker explains why handling customer complaints and appeasing customers plays an important role in avoiding negative reviews and reputational damage..

Benefits of Outsourced Call Center Answering Services

Benefits of Outsourced Call Center Answering Services thumbnail

There are many reasons why you might want to outsource to the call center market. You may be new to outsourcing and wondering how exactly this service can help you. This short guide can help..

How an MBA Can Lead to a Successful Career

How an MBA Can Lead to a Successful Career thumbnail

It’s difficult to find a program that allows you to focus on customer service only at the master’s or bachelor’s levels. A Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is a graduate-level program, may be the best choice..

What the Delivery Feedback Gap Means for Retailers and How They Can Close It thumbnail

Innovative retail technology has transformed the way people shop, both online and in store. From new ways to pay, to a strong focus on user experience design, shopping has evolved for the better..