Manufacturers Needlessly Let Customers Wait More Than a Week for Repairs thumbnail

In half of support requests, long waits could be avoided with automation and better self-service capabilities..

How to Test Your Telephone Customer Service

How to Test Your Telephone Customer Service thumbnail

Find out if your telephone customer service is winning or losing customers by making a “mystery call”..

Subscan Transforms Field Operations with Bigchange Mobile Technology thumbnail

Subscan UDS, the utility, drainage, and survey company, has implemented a high tech mobile workforce system from company BigChange..

Nemesysco Emotion Analysis Technology Improves Japan Call Center Operations thumbnail

Nemesysco’s voice analytics solutions are improving customer journey and sales performance in call centers across Japan..

Webinar: The Future of Customer Service – Trends to Test in 2020 thumbnail

Join this interactive discussion featuring customer service leaders from the Boston Red Sox, HP, Intuit and UL on a review of 2019 and what is coming next in 2020..

A Complaint Is an Opportunity

A Complaint Is an Opportunity thumbnail

In this excerpt from his book, Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service, John Tschohl explains why customer complaints are a golden opportunity for companies to improve their service..

Dramatic Change Doesn’t Have to Be Traumatic Change

Dramatic Change Doesn’t Have to Be Traumatic Change thumbnail

The word dramatic is a great word. When you use it to describe changes you make to improve customer service, it has a positive meaning..

Developing an Effective Chat Bot Strategy to Fuel Exceptional Customer Experiences thumbnail

Bots, and the underlying AI that drives them have become increasingly popular in many Customer Experience and contact center circles and for good reason..

Bad Customer Complaint Handling Can Ruin a Brand’s Reputation

Bad Customer Complaint Handling Can Ruin a Brand’s Reputation thumbnail

The story of what happened when one single dissatisfied customer went out of his way to tell the world about his bad experience..

How a Rapid CX Response Can Save Lives

How a Rapid CX Response Can Save Lives thumbnail

Customer experience can be one of the most crucial aspects of a corporation since it is one of the few direct gateways between the brand and the customer..

Why You Can’t Have CX Without EX

Why You Can’t Have CX Without EX thumbnail

When companies spend time ensuring their employees are engaged, the results speak for themselves..

The Expanding Career Path Beyond the Contact Centre

The Expanding Career Path Beyond the Contact Centre thumbnail

The role of the Customer Service agent is expanding as organisations realise their contact centre houses valuable skills that can be utilised across the business..

5 Questions to Ask Before Putting AI into Practice and a Checklist for Success thumbnail

Despite the power of artificial intelligence to transform the customer experience, many AI projects fail at the first hurdle. Henry Jinman at EBI.AI outlines the 5 most common mistakes..

Utilita Deploys Thoughtonomy Digital Workers to Enhance Customer Service thumbnail

Utilita has recruited a digital ‘workforce’ to relieve their human counterparts of laborious, time-consuming tasks and make the business more efficient..

Workbooks CRM Study: More Than Half of Small and Medium Businesses Have Changed CRM Supplier thumbnail

More than half of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK have changed CRM supplier according to the State of the CRM Market 2019 Report from Workbooks..

Uberizing the Utilities Sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution thumbnail

Louise Robertson, Global Marketing Director at Localz, examines the impact of the ‘IConomy’ on the customer experience..

Bring the Skills of the Theatre to Your Face-to-face Customer Service Training thumbnail

To deliver the best Face-to-Face service you must think like a customer. Put yourself in their shoes and consider how you would feel being served by you..

A 5-Point Plan for the New Era of Customer Experience Intelligence thumbnail

Welcome to the new era of customer experience intelligence where the very best of human talents and activities combine with contextual, predictive customer analytics..

Blending the Best of Clicks and Bricks to Stop Customer Churn thumbnail

Retailers are now recognizing the importance of business outcomes and delivering outstanding customer experience. Dr John Bates, CEO at Eggplant explains..