8 Habits of Effective Customer Service Supervisors thumbnail

What distinguishes a customer service representative from a top-class customer services supervisor? Here are eight habits that all excellent customer service supervisors must possess..

Avtex Hires Brian Lannan as Vice President of Retail Experience thumbnail

Avtex has announced the hiring of Brian Lannan as Vice President of Retail Experience. Brian has fifteen years of retail experience developing and leading strategy, insights, and customer experience capabilities..

In Retail Today, There’s Only One Way to Avoid Becoming Another Amazon Warehouse Supplier thumbnail

In today’s retail world, the real way to beat Amazon is to think and be different. E-commerce expert Alexander Graf explains how to avoid becoming a logistics company for Amazon or Alibaba..

Raise Your Profile! How to Turn Contact Centre Sceptics Into Fans thumbnail

Fed up of negative contact centre perceptions limiting your budget, resources and potential? Nick Smith at Calabrio discusses how you can overcome these concerns and reposition your contact centre..

Call Center Agents: Time to Get Back to the Office?

Call Center Agents: Time to Get Back to the Office? thumbnail

As more and more people are being vaccinated, call centers are gradually transitioning back into the office. But are agents ready to come back to work in the regular brick-and-mortar format?

Quick Guide to Understanding the Customer Experience thumbnail

With the rise of new technologies customers are becoming more aware of their options.  Along the process, they are also beginning to demand more incredible experiences. Here is a quick overview of the CX process..

Financial Services Remains a People Business: What Global Customer Relations Managers Need to Know thumbnail

Tom Meder, Managing Director at ViewTrade Securities explains why artificial intelligence will never be able to replace humans in driving results in the financial services industry..

What’s Stopping You From Becoming a Connected Enterprise? thumbnail

Ross Daniels at Calabrio outlines the most common barriers to becoming a Connected Enterprise and recommends three practical tips and techniques to guarantee a smooth transition to all-round connectedness…

Tom Peace Appointed MD of The Loyalty People

Tom Peace Appointed MD of The Loyalty People thumbnail

The Loyalty People has today announced the appointment of loyalty innovator Tom Peace as the company’s new Managing Director. Tom is one of the loyalty industry’s most respected experts with over 15 years’ experience..

Contact Centre Agent Productivity and Satisfaction Directly Tied to Customer Sentiment thumbnail

New study by CSPN and Medallia points to critical importance of employee experience management to offset pressures facing call centres and agents due to COVID-19 pandemic..

PCI Pal Solutions Now Available as a Premium App on Genesys Appfoundry thumbnail

PCI Pal’s payment solutions are now available as a premium Client Application on Genesys AppFoundry. New premium selection allows Genesys customers to implement PCI Pal’s secure payment solutions..

Best Platforms to Manage Your Customer Services

Best Platforms to Manage Your Customer Services thumbnail

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives as we use it in a wide range of functions. Businesses now use social media as a marketing tool in many aspects, like elevating the company’s customer service..

Europa Reveals £1m Infrastructure Investment

Europa Reveals £1m Infrastructure Investment thumbnail

Europa Contact Centre, the multi-channel outsource contact centre, has concluded their 12 month technology upgrade project. The investment is a culmination of 18 months of business review and development..

Your Customer Service Level is a Direct Reflection on your Company thumbnail

A few days ago, I was shopping around for a roadside assistance plan. I nailed my search down to three companies. Here some key takeaways I collected from the experience..

AI Search: The Next Big Thing In Customer Support

AI Search: The Next Big Thing In Customer Support thumbnail

Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer of Yext explains how AI search can help agents deliver the most helpful information in a timely manner, providing a better experience for both themselves and the customer..

How To Maintain Strong Customer Engagement During COVID-19 thumbnail

At the time of this pandemic where physical interactions are eliminated or social distancing is introduced, how will you be able to engage with customers and continue to connect with them on a deeper level?

5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Phone Inquiries

5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Phone Inquiries thumbnail

According to a recent survey, 78 percent of customers say that competent customer service reps are critical in creating a satisfactory interaction. Here the strategies you can use to improve your call handling..

7 Tips for Effective Customer Communication

7 Tips for Effective Customer Communication thumbnail

Customer communication is an integral part of customer service. It’s not just about answering questions and finding solutions, it’s also about learning from customers how you can improve your business’s services better..

How to Train Your Customer Service Staff to Talk About Sustainability thumbnail

Although the skills needed to create engaging and valuable experiences are the same, the reasons why people contact customer service have changed a lot in recent years. Here we look at the topic of sustainability..