How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience in Media and Entertainment thumbnail

The media and entertainment industry continually evolves, and customer experience is more crucial than ever. The ability to provide exceptional customer experience sets apart successful businesses..

5 Ways Your Customers’ Data Can Be Breached and How to Protect It thumbnail

In this article, we’ll dive into five different ways in which cybercriminals can steal your customers’ sensitive information, and then we’ll explore how to avoid these types of attacks..

HR Onboarding Tips for Successful Customer Service Teams thumbnail

In customer service, employees are the face of the company and the effectiveness of the onboarding process cannot be overstated. This article outlines techniques and best practices for HR managers..

ONE Awards Winners Announced and Celebrated Onstage at Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) thumbnail

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, has announced the winners of its annual ONE Awards. Now in its seventh year, the awards acknowledge and celebrate Calabrio customers who are shaping the future..

AI Chatbots for Customer Service: Transforming Support with ChatInsight thumbnail

Have you been waiting for the day you can scale up your customer service operations without hassle? With the emergence of AI, your wait may be over..

How to Improve Your Company’s Customer Experience: A Guide for Managers thumbnail

Customers have higher expectations than ever, and their satisfaction directly impacts your company’s success. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to lead the charge in enhancing the customer experience..

Jayride Review the Evolving Landscape of Travel: The Customer Experience thumbnail

While many companies focus on competitive pricing or unique offerings, there’s an often-overlooked factor that can significantly impact revenue: the quality of customer experience..

BigChange App Alerts Drivers to ULEZ and Other Restricted Zones thumbnail

BigChange has developed a system to help commercial vehicle drivers avoid unexpected charges and fines associated with low emission and traffic congestion zones..

Zenarate Expands its AI Coach Language Capabilities and Adds New Agent Feedback Reporting thumbnail

Zenarate, the leading AI Simulation Training platform for customer-facing agents, today announced a significant expansion in its language capabilities along with new “Deep Insights” reporting..

Global Research Reveals 3 Ways to Make UK Agents More Impactful thumbnail

Ed Creasey shares a 3 point plan based on findings from Calabrio’s latest State of the Contact Centre Report 2023: Activating the Agent of the Future, to prepare your operation..

Britannic Streamline Breast Cancer Now’s Telephony

Britannic Streamline Breast Cancer Now’s Telephony thumbnail

When Breast Cancer Care merged with Breast Cancer Now they selected Britannic to merge the two telephony systems together to streamline calls and operations. Learn more..

Interview With David Luck, Co-founder and CEO of Capital on Tap: Customer Service in the Finance Industry thumbnail

Today’s customers demand more from their financial providers. They expect fast, seamless, personalized experiences and, above all, exceptional customer service. Here we interview David Luck of Capital on Tap..

Why Change Contact Centre Provider?

Why Change Contact Centre Provider? thumbnail

Sandra Haworth, Marketing Director at Cirrus Response, gives some good reasons why you should consider changing contact centre providers..

Sabio Group Launches CX Realities 2023 to Help Navigate the New Era of Contact Centres thumbnail

Sabio Group has partnered with customer engagement expert Martin Hill-Wilson to release the 2023 edition of its acclaimed CX Realities white paper series. Download the white paper here..

The Impact of Exceptional Customer Service on the Success of Futures Market Traders thumbnail

Futures market trading is a world of constant movement and challenges. Success here depends on various factors, from strategies to risk management. One factor can be a game-changer: exceptional customer service..

Why AHTs Still Matter and 5 Ways to Improve Them

Why AHTs Still Matter and 5 Ways to Improve Them thumbnail

Average handle time is an important contact centre metric but it can be a double-edged sword that creates customer dissatisfaction. It’s important to strike the balance between speed and personalised service delivery..

Encoded Approved as Visa Direct Preferred Partner

Encoded Approved as Visa Direct Preferred Partner thumbnail

Encoded, a leading provider of payment orchestration and gateway solutions, today announced its new partnership with Visa and approval as a Visa Direct Preferred Partner..

Blade Roofing Rolls-Out BigChange Field Service System and Mobile App thumbnail

Blade Roofing, a nationwide roofing company, has rolled out a BigChange job management system to significantly reduce administration and eliminate paperwork..

Prioritizing Customer Safety: Addressing Holiday Accident Claims thumbnail

Did you know that holiday accident claims spike by 15% each year? This article will help you navigate these choppy waters with strategies for accident prevention, effective responses to claims and legal implications..