Staying Ahead in Hospitality: Crafting Chatbots for the Modern Hotel Experience thumbnail

In an age where digital convenience is no longer a luxury but a basic expectation, the hotel industry faces the challenge of constantly evolving to meet and exceed guests’ needs..

15 Effective Ways to Improve Retail Customer Engagement thumbnail

With the right strategies in place, retailers can achieve higher levels of customer engagement and build stronger relationships. This article will provide you with some effective ways to improve your retail customer engagement..

5 Tips to Take Gold This Golden Quarter

5 Tips to Take Gold This Golden Quarter thumbnail

As we approach the golden quarter, Moritz Weisbrodt, Co-founder of Alaiko, reveals some key ways to provide a robust post purchase experience..

Legacy Systems in Retail: How to Overcome, Compete and Thrive thumbnail

It is high time retailers modernise their software to optimise their operations and offer end-to-end Customer Experience, says Lindsay Lucas, CEO of Software Solved..

Customer Acquisition Vs. Customer Retention: Which Aspect Should You Focus On More thumbnail

Customer acquisition and customer retention are two vital aspects of business growth, each playing a unique role in ensuring the long-term success of a company. Which one should you focus on more?

PCI Pal Receives Triple Shortlisting at the Payments Awards 2023 thumbnail

PCI Pal, the global provider of secure payment solutions, today announced it has been announced as a finalist in three categories at this year’s Payments Awards..

Sabio Group Named as Supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 3 Framework thumbnail

Sabio Group, the digital customer experience (CX) transformation specialist, has announced it has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 3 (NS3) framework..

Calabrio Welcomes Dillon Nugent as Chief Marketing Officer thumbnail

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, has appointed Dillon Nugent as CMO. With more than 25 years of experience in marketing leadership roles, Nugent brings a wealth of expertise..

10 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Customer Service Team

10 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Customer Service Team thumbnail

Customer service agents are the face of your company and can make or break your business. If your team is not motivated, it can affect the overall quality of your service. But how do you keep your team motivated?

A Common-Sense Approach to Employee Engagement

A Common-Sense Approach to Employee Engagement thumbnail

The message from Dave Hoekstra at Calabrio is ‘Keep it simple.’ Discover the secret to agent wellbeing in your contact centre with hints and tips that work. Think differently about Workforce Engagement Management..

BigChange Job Management System Crucial for Engineering Company’s Growth thumbnail

Crucial Engineering is underpinning a UK-wide expansion of its aluminium and automation business with the BigChange job management system which live links field engineers to back-office support staff using a mobile app..

10 Customer Engagement Ideas to Boost Your Business

10 Customer Engagement Ideas to Boost Your Business thumbnail

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, customer engagement plays a pivotal role in establishing enduring relationships with your target audience and fueling business growth..

PCI Pal Achieves AWS Service Ready Designation for Amazon Connect thumbnail

PCI Pal announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Ready designation for Amazon Connect. This designation verifies that PCI Pal Agent Assist..

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The accelerating shift to a digital world is compelling businesses to rethink their customer experience strategy. Xavier Martin of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, explains..

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Ever wondered why shopping at your favorite store just feels right? Or how that online platform seems to suggest exactly what you need? That’s the power of psychology in customer service..

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Workplace wellbeing in the contact centre goes beyond surface-level happiness; it encompasses creating an environment that nurtures the holistic wellbeing of advisors..

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Agents today expect far higher levels of flexibility than ever before. Nick Brook at Calabrio shares 7 winning strategies for driving all-round flexibility in contact centres..

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In a rapidly evolving customer-centric business landscape, enterprises are recognising the need for a deeper understanding of their customers. Don Macdonald of Sabio explains..

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Learn about the key considerations and best practices for developing a comprehensive hybrid work policy that promotes employee well-being, collaboration, and performance..