Worlds Colliding: The Future of Productive Conversations with AI, CRM & Data

Mel Bogin, Nicole Regensburg, Craig Murray and Jeroen Sourbon

As customer expectations continue to rise, organisations must adapt quickly and leverage the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

At our recent Disrupt event in London, Sabio’s Mel Bogin and Nicole Regensburg, Global Partner Managers for Salesforce and Genesys/Amazon respectively, joined Craig Murray (Salesforce) and Jeroen Sourbon (Genesys) to discuss the powerful potential of their recent much-publicised collaboration; a collaboration which saw the launch of CX Cloud in late 2023.

So, why did these two industry giants decide to join forces? The answer is simple: to empower their customers.

Best of Both Worlds

Craig Murray, Regional VP of Service Cloud at Salesforce, explained that Salesforce and Genesys have a long history of working together, driven by the needs of their shared clients. By combining Genesys’ expertise in orchestration, workforce engagement, and channels with Salesforce’s renowned CRM capabilities, they aim to provide a stronger, more comprehensive solution – this time through CX Cloud.

The result of this partnership is a unified integration that simplifies processes and eliminates data silos. Customers can now enjoy a seamless, 360-degree view of their end-users, enabling deeper insights and more personalised experiences. The joint solution saves time and resources, allowing organisations to focus on what matters most: their customers.

Voice Integration, AI Benefits & Focus on Agent Wellbeing

One of the key use cases put forward by Craig during the event was the power of voice integration. As the most dominant channel, with 57% of people preferring to speak to organisations directly, voice remains crucial. By integrating voice into Salesforce, data is consolidated into a single platform, enabling real-time decision-making and smarter interactions across all channels.

The benefits of AI in customer service are numerous, from real-time transcription and intent analysis to predictive next-best-actions and automated case wrap-up. These capabilities not only drive operational efficiency but also enhance agent well-being. By automating repetitive tasks and providing contextual information, agents can focus on having meaningful, empathetic conversations with customers.

Genesys Cloud’s predictive routing takes this a step further, using AI to match customers with the right agent based on skills, knowledge, and sentiment. While customers may experience a slightly longer wait time, the improved likelihood of first-contact resolution and higher satisfaction levels make it a worthwhile trade-off.

As Jeroen, Strategic Alliance Director for the UK & Ireland at Genesys, emphasised, the well-being of agents is a critical consideration in today’s contact centres. Tools like gamification can help identify top-performing agents and provide targeted training and support to improve skills, knowledge, and behaviour. By aligning agent performance with business KPIs, organisations can create a more engaged, impactful workforce.

What now?

So, what’s the next step for Salesforce and Genesys Cloud customers? As Craig and Jeroen advised, it’s essential to understand your organisation’s unique needs and objectives and working with a trusted partner like Sabio, who can provide impartial guidance and help you map out a tailored journey to get the best from both vendors. Sabio can position you strongly to embrace the rapid pace of innovation and be prepared to adapt your plans as new technologies emerge.

The Salesforce-Genesys partnership represents a landmark moment in the evolution of CX. By harnessing the combined power of these industry leaders, organisations can unlock new levels of service excellence, operational efficiency, and agent engagement.

Ready to learn more? You can now watch the full session involving Salesforce and Genesys at Sabio’s Disrupt event in London now.

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