Only 28% Of Energy Bill Payers Are Clear on What They Are Paying Providers For thumbnail

As energy prices reach a 40-year record high, a new survey has asked over 1,500 bill payers what they want – and how they feel – about their energy providers. The results, published today in ‘The Big Switch Off’ report,.

The Cost of High Customer Effort

The Cost of High Customer Effort thumbnail

A good customer experience feels effortless for the customer. It should be easy, natural, and fast, and it should use technology that makes sense under the circumstances..

The Contact Centre (CX) Workforce Wants to Stay Home

The Contact Centre (CX) Workforce Wants to Stay Home thumbnail

Chief Strategy Officer says artificial intelligence services and new automation processes, can raise work from home productivity..

Freshworks and PCI Pal Partner to Futureproof Omnichannel Payment Security for Bensons for Beds thumbnail

Following a review and upgrade of its UK contact centre infrastructure, British bed manufacturer and retailer Bensons For Beds has moved to Freshdesk from Freshworks..

5 Best Practices to Improve Customer Service Experience in Ecommerce thumbnail

The revenue of most businesses is directly tied to the customer experience. Here are five best practices to improve the customer service experience..

Five Ways to Connect with Employees in the World of Remote and Hybrid Work thumbnail

Blend new technologies with tried and tested favourites to refresh your contact centre. Magnus Geverts at Calabrio shares his top spring-cleaning tips for supporting home-working agents..

Calabrio Paves the Way for South Africa’s Cloud Contact Centre WFO Journey Alongside AWS Cape Town Launch thumbnail

As Calabrio deploys its true cloud Workforce Optimisation (WFO) offering via AWS in South Africa, Olle Düring at Calabrio outlines five reasons why this latest news matters to customers in the region..

Customer Support Teams Are Not Fraud Investigators – But They Can Create Safe, Trusted Relationships thumbnail

Whether you’re making a change to your bank account or reaching out to your wireless provider about a SIM card, identity verification is a major part of ensuring that only authorized people can change your account..

How to Reduce Inbound Calls with Customer Engagement Solutions thumbnail

The customer need for support and reassurance has only increased over the last few years — a trend that’s unlikely to change.  This demand has left support teams feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin..

The Need for Customer-Friendly Authentication Alternatives to Vulnerable One-Time Passcodes thumbnail

One-time passcodes or OTPs sent to mobile phones are the cornerstone of many organizations’ customer authentication strategies. This is in large part due to the positive reputation it has with consumers..

EvaluAgent to Shake up the Contact Centre AI Market with the Launch of Conversation Analytics thumbnail

Contact centre solutions disruptor, EvaluAgent launches industry leading AI capabilities for quality management teams and performance improvement leaders..

ASAPP Automating 70% of Customer Service Agent Digital Messages with New AI Service thumbnail

With the launch of a new AI service for call centre agents, ASAPP has called the death of the dreaded canned responses from chatbots, messages and text that has often frustrated consumers..

Canadian Digital Bank and Credit Card Customer Satisfaction Declines thumbnail

At a time when credit card and bank customers in Canada are using financial institution mobile apps and websites more than ever, overall satisfaction with those digital experiences is in decline..

Remote Working Is a Risky Business – But Doesn’t Have to Be with Secure Card Payments thumbnail

As contact centres embrace the world of remote and hybrid working, Rob Crutchington, MD of Encoded, discusses how the cloud, open banking and SCA regulations help protect the customer, agents and merchants..

Drive You Business by Empowering Your Employees

Drive You Business by Empowering Your Employees thumbnail

When employees are empowered, they have the authority to make decisions—to bend and break the rules—on the spot to take care of a customer. Learn more in this article by customer service strategist, John Tschohl..

4 Ways to Turn Prospects into Customers: A Guide for Event Planners thumbnail

If you pay attention to your customers’ needs and questions, and you work hard on making them feel special, you should have no difficulties attracting more customers to your events..

12 Ways Apple Provides Outstanding Customer Service thumbnail

From providing knowledgeable support staff to allowing customers to easily contact them, Apple goes above and beyond to ensure their customers are happy. For inspiration, check out these examples from Apple!

Why You Need a GDPR Rep When Processing Customer Data

Why You Need a GDPR Rep When Processing Customer Data thumbnail

If your business offers goods or services to individuals within the EEA or monitor the behaviour of individuals in the EEA, then you need to comply with the EU GDPR in respect to data processing..

Monitor Customer Health from Siloed Information to Prevent Churn thumbnail

With proactive monitoring of customer health scores, CX teams can resolve issues that lead to dissatisfied customers before they hit the crisis point. Palak Dalal Bhatia, founder and CEO of IrisAgent explains how..