What Role Do Employers Play in Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace? thumbnail

As our society becomes more globally connected, it is increasingly important to have a workforce that reflects the diversity of the world around us. What role do employers play in cultivating an inclusive workplace?

Calabrio’s OpenAI Integrations Accelerate Contact Center Efficiency and Agent Productivity thumbnail

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, announced the integration of Calabrio ONE with advanced AI (artificial intelligence) systems from OpenAI, a leading AI research and deployment company..

Using Data to Drive Your Wellbeing Strategy

Using Data to Drive Your Wellbeing Strategy thumbnail

At our Disrupt 2023 conference I outlined how, at Sabio, we’re using data to ‘think outside the tick-box’ and help create lasting and effective wellbeing strategies for clients. Learn more about Sabio’s Wellbeing Programme..

Role of Structured Content and Semantic AI in Powering Guided Experiences thumbnail

RWS’ Tridion, with six of its partners, recently convened in Stockholm for the Tridion partner summit. They shared their rich expertise in powering guided experiences through structured content and semantic AI..

How QR Codes Elevate Customer Experience

How QR Codes Elevate Customer Experience thumbnail

Quick response (QR) codes have been around for many years. They’re initially used in the vehicle industry to track parts. However, their uses have changed over the years. They’ve become an accepted marketing tool..

Streamlining Your Business Operations: Exploring the Benefits of Logistics Services thumbnail

Logistics is a crucial component for any business that is in charge with the movement of products and other goods. Logistics services deals with organizing, handling and managing the transport, and storage..

Workflow Automation With SaaS Tools for Customer Service thumbnail

We live in the age of convenience, where customers expect a seamless, lightning-fast service experience. Customers of today prioritize speed and ease above all else. Sam Klaas explains..

Evaluagent Integrates ChatGPT in Industry First Milestone thumbnail

EvaluAgent has become the first to integrate Chat GPT into quality assurance call centre software industry wide – introducing SmartScore –  a major milestone for the industry..

Microsoft Copilot: Is This the Latest Disruptive AI Capability for Customer Service? thumbnail

Microsoft recently announced the launch of Copilot, a new tool that is set to bring massive productivity gains for professionals across the globe using its Office 365 application suite..

Zoom Contact Center Powers Up with Calabrio’s True-Cloud, Enterprise-Grade Workforce Management Solution thumbnail

Calabrio has announced its new workforce management (WFM) integration with Zoom’s omnichannel contact centre platform. The cloud-to-cloud integration gives Zoom Contact Center customers access..

How AI and Automation Are Already Delivering Enhanced Contact Centre Advisor Performance thumbnail

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen an incredible amount of interest in ChatGPT, the Large Language Model developed by OpenAI. Phil Jordan, AI & Automation Specialist at Sabio Group, investigates..

Macaw Security Boosts Efficiency with BigChange Mobile Tech thumbnail

The security company, which protects high net worth individuals and commercial assets, has achieved a 40 percent increase in operational efficiency following the implementation of a BigChange job management system..

The Benefits of Post-Purchase Support in Ecommerce

The Benefits of Post-Purchase Support in Ecommerce thumbnail

Post-purchase support is an integral feature of digital marketing which all e-commerce stores should consider. What are the benefits for a business? More importantly, how does it fit into an overall strategy?

MyQualityTeam Launch New Contact Centre Software That Improves Agent Performance by 180% thumbnail

MyQualityTeam is launching an innovative new agent performance platform to UK contact centres this month, helping managers upskill agents and optimise performance. A 30 day free trial is available..

How to Keep Customer Journeys on the Frictionless Path

How to Keep Customer Journeys on the Frictionless Path thumbnail

Businesses that optimise both the customer journey and the customer experience are rewarded with strong customer retention, revenues and brand reputation. Carlton Retland of Applause explains..

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Contact Centers thumbnail

In current times, where emotions and logic help us navigate through the world and coexist, emotional intelligence proves to be a valuable asset. Here, we look at the benefits of emotional intelligence in contact centers..

Waterfield Tech Launches Impact Analysis to Streamline CX Decision-Making in the Contact Center thumbnail

Waterfield Tech, a leading customer engagement solutions provider today announced the launch of its Impact Analysis program, a new prescriptive engagement aimed at helping clients address inefficiencies..

Enjoy a Slice of Customer Data Analytics Pi (e)

Enjoy a Slice of Customer Data Analytics Pi (e) thumbnail

There is an infinite amount of data in contact centres but what does it really tell us? Jim Davies of Calabrio believes that educated insights are better than wandering around in the unknown..

How Brands Can Maximise Their Online Revenues Through App Usage and Customer Retention thumbnail

Arunabh Madhur, Regional VP & Head Business EMEA at SHAREit Group examines how mobile apps are reshaping the e-commerce industry and how businesses can still plan and position themselves for success..