Avoid business extinction

Great service is like a precious, rare, exotic species that is close to becoming extinct. But it’s not too late to rescue once great service from the brink of extinction. Here are 10 golden rules that you can follow right away..

Live Chat

“Customer service is king” is a phrase that has never been more prudent. In a time where companies face increasing levels of competition, maintaining a reputation for excellent service is a great way to stand out..

4 Steps to Give Exceptional Customer Service

Open for business

Here is a simple 4-step formula to help your team remember how to GIVE exceptional customer service each and every time they interact with customers. These guidelines work whether you are dealing with a customer for the first time or whether it is a repeat visit..

Social Media and Customer Service: A Match Made in Heaven?

Social customer service

Faster, simpler, more direct – three of the many reasons to set up customer service methods on your social media accounts. But as all our communications move to behind a screen, it’s vital to keep the personalization a phone call can deliver..

Top 10 Examples of Poor Customer Service

workplace stress

You can beat the top ten examples of poor service, and learn how to deliver excellent customer service. How? It begins with caring for your customers and doing the right thing for them. Then, you keep learning..

Why Your Business Needs Crazy Customers!

Crazy customer

Do you want customers that are “crazy” about your business? Erol Allen explains why reputation, engaging employees and engaged leadership are critical to your organization’s success..

Customer experience

The connection between customer service and marketing is undeniable. So if you deliver good customer service, let people know as part of your marketing efforts. You can expect an effortless marketing boost as well, as happy customers talk to their friends about their experience..

6 Steps to Deliver Remarkable Customer Service


From a viral video to a positive review, a customer’s motivation to share their experience with your product or service usually comes down to remarkability. By remarkable I mean something that is worth commenting on and sharing with others..

Top Reasons why Customer Service Fails

CSR Operator

Perhaps you heard about the major cable and internet provider that made “headline” news last year when a customer recorded a call to the company’s customer service center. Read on to learn more about this customer service debacle..

Excellent Customer Service: 3 Things to Remember


Madeline recounts her experience in a local restaurant and offers three ways businesses can consistently deliver excellent customer service..

The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service


Having a trustworthy and supportive customer service team is essential to building key relationships with consumers and keeping them as loyal customers. Here are some handy do’s and don’ts..

Live chat operator

In a world where your customer service operator is interacting with numerous customers, how many is too many? Read on to find out..

Happy Customer Service Week!

Customer Service Week

To all the dedicated customer service professionals out there, we wish you a very happy Customer Service Week! Here are a few tips to help you celebrate in style..

Customer Connections: Is Your Voicemail Greeting up to Date?

Voicemail customer service

Lydia Ramsey reflects on her experience with a local restaurant and offers some timely advice for users of voicemail..

start up service

Many start ups are quick to go online and launch their products or services. But what to do if things go wrong? Here are some ways start-ups (as well as established businesses) can successfully deal with online customer complaints..

5 Tips for Managing Your Customers’ Experience

Building service

A recent experience prompted me to reflect on the ways companies could better manage the customer experience, lessons that every business can take on board from the start..

7 Ways to Handle Customer Complaints Over the Phone

Phone complaints

Before I take you through a 7-step process and tactics for dealing with difficult telephone calls, let’s explore your beliefs and intentions about customer complaints..

Step up and Be a Customer Service Leader

Step up and Be a Customer Service Leader thumbnail

Anyone can be a leader when it comes to customer service. Give it a try – step up and set an example. It will be contagious, and others will follow your lead..

Meet the Science Superstars of Customer Service!

Guest Services

Sometimes customer service teams go far beyond the call of duty to delight their customers. One such team is the Guest Services team at the South Florida Science Center..