Customer Service Jobs

Finding a job in the customer service industry has never been easier with many online job boards available to assist you. On this page you will find a selection of websites that can help in your search for a career in customer service. is the most popular job website in the US and also operates worldwide. There’s always a wide selection of jobs available for Customer Service Managers, updated daily.

Job Search: Customer Service Manager is part of Nexxt, who you may have known until recently as Beyond. The Customer Service Jobs website has a specialist job board for customer service professionals and offers many employment opportunities.

Job Search: Customer Service is one of the largest job search engines in the world and as such has a vast range of customer service positions on its website.

Job Search: Customer Service Manager

CareerBuilder is a large online employment website with partners around the world. Job openings for Customer Service Managers and customer service positions.

Job Search: Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Crossing claim to have ‘the largest collection of customer service jobs on earth’. We’re not sure about that but you will find a lot of customer focussed jobs listed on their website.

Job Search: Customer Service