Voice of the Customer: The Importance of Feedback Surveys thumbnail

Monitoring the Voice of the Customer (VoC) should be one of the ongoing projects in any service program. One way to achieve this is to perform a customer feedback survey..

Why a Go to Market Strategy Is Important for Every Business thumbnail

Alon Ghelber, Chief Marketing Officer at Revuze reveals why the more customer engagement you have the more likely your customers will shop with you in the long run..

Boring Customer Service—Is That What Customers Want? thumbnail

Call me boring, but I want the same thing every time—at least when it comes to customer experience. I want it to be good. I want it to be consistent..

Revuze Launches a New Product Listing Optimization Tool For Marketplace Rankings thumbnail

Revuze has created an innovative solution to acing marketing research using AI technology to analyze product listings and track customer reactions..

Are Happy Agents the Secret to Happy Customers?

Are Happy Agents the Secret to Happy Customers? thumbnail

Mads Fosselius, Founder and CEO of Dixa explains how to create an environment where customer service agents feel empowered to do their best work..

3 COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns That Were Perceived as Positive thumbnail

As COVID-19 swept through the globe brands and marketing agencies scrambled to adapt or clean sweep whole new campaigns as current ones became obsolete..

5 Indispensable Skills for Customer Service Reps

5 Indispensable Skills for Customer Service Reps thumbnail

When it comes to providing the best possible service to your customers, the people you hire make all the difference. Here are five basic skills your CSRs cannot be without..

How Haulage and Delivery Drivers Have Helped During COVID-19 thumbnail

A good driver has the communication and customer care skills to maintain a professional and friendly manner in their day to day role, as well as acting as a human connection..

Remote Onboarding – 5 Steps to Success

Remote Onboarding – 5 Steps to Success thumbnail

Thomas Rødseth of Puzzel and John Bhairoo of Black & White Recruitment share a five-point plan for successful remote onboarding of call centre staff..

To Improve Customer Experience Financial Services Firms Must Make Agent Retention a Priority thumbnail

The sudden need to enable remote working has impacted all companies and operations, and customer service is no different. Jonathan Mobbs of Maintel explains..

Artificial Intelligence: 3 Benefits for the Insurance Industry thumbnail

As the insurance sector competes to win market share, Henry Jinman at EBI.AI discusses three ways companies can benefit from the power of Artificial Intelligence. .

PCI DSS: The Forgotten Superhero

PCI DSS: The Forgotten Superhero thumbnail

As millions of pounds are lost to Coronavirus scams, Rob Crutchington shows how to drive compliance and build customer confidence using Agent Assisted Payments..

The Impact of COVID-19 on Customer Service Job Market Trends thumbnail

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically impacted every sector and industry, perhaps none more so than the customer service job family..

3 Main Ways Customer Service Influences the Marketing Landscape thumbnail

The marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Nowadays customers want ‘immediate’, whether that’s immediate results, immediate satisfaction, or immediate blame..

Critizr Now Integrates With Google’s Business Messages thumbnail

Critizr’s customer feedback technology will now integrate with Google’s Business Messages, meaning customers can now contact and hold rich conversations with their local businesses in real-time..

Free Webinar: The Customer Service Leader of the Future thumbnail

In this Reuters Events webinar hear from leaders at Pizza Hut, Extended Stay America, Gladly and HP discuss the strategies that will lead your business towards best-in-class customer service..

Shining the CX Spotlight on Employers and Suppliers

Shining the CX Spotlight on Employers and Suppliers thumbnail

Michael Reiserer, MD EASY Software, Germany, reveals many companies are making good progress towards employee and supplier experience management but there is still work to be done..

Speaking the Customer’s Language Through the Pandemic

Speaking the Customer’s Language Through the Pandemic thumbnail

Edmund Ovington, VP at Unbabel, discusses the impact of the pandemic and the challenges customer service teams face to scale up and respond quickly to customer needs..

Intercom Transforms Customer Support With the Introduction of the Conversational Support Funnel thumbnail

The first-of-its-kind, proven framework shows businesses how to deliver modern, next-generation customer service with conversational support..