Transforming Customer Service – What to Look for in a Conversational AI Tool thumbnail

What should business leaders take into consideration when evaluating Conversational AI solutions? Jessica Gopalakrishnan, Senior Director of Marketing at Cognigy explains..

PCI Pal Adds Speech Recognition Capability to Its Cloud-Based Agent Assist and IVR Payment Solutions thumbnail

Exciting new capability provides an added secure payment option for PCI Pal customers, allowing callers to speak payment details securely..

Free Webinar: Building the Ultimate Customer Service Workforce thumbnail

Join us for the next free customer service webinar: Building the Ultimate Workforce – train, motivate and empower agents to strengthen customer loyalty and boost revenue..

Mgage Delivers Mobile Payments Within RCS Messaging Solution with Conversational Commerce Channel thumbnail

mGage, a leading global mobile messaging provider, has launched the first-of-its-kind solution to bring Mobile Payments within the Rich Communication Services (RCS) channel..

Your Call Is Very Important to Us

Your Call Is Very Important to Us thumbnail

Bryan Horn examines the state of customer service today and provides three ways to reduce customer frustration and promote positive outcomes..

Why Content Marketing Is Key to Connecting With Today’s Consumers thumbnail

Producing valuable content and sharing expertise can in itself be a form of customer service that will build a sense of trust towards your business..

4 Strategies to Drive Customer Loyalty: Post-Pandemic Edition

4 Strategies to Drive Customer Loyalty:  Post-Pandemic Edition thumbnail

In today’s irregular world you need to make sure your customers are loyal to your brand. Anastasia Tatsenko, Head of Sales and Customer Success at NetHunt CRM explains..

Intercom Brings Enterprise-Grade Efficiency and Scale to Conversational Support thumbnail

Businesses no longer have to choose between clunky email ticketing systems that work for their team and the modern, messenger-based experience customers demand..

Thirteen Boosts FM Services With Bigchange Mobile Cloud Tech thumbnail

Thirteen is transforming its facilities management (FM) services with new mobile workforce management technology supplied by Leeds-based BigChange..

5 Habits of Exceptional Customer Service Managers

5 Habits of Exceptional Customer Service Managers thumbnail

Customer service skills may be similar from job to job, but managers with these 5 habits excel at motivating, communicating and coaching their teams..

3 Ways to Embrace the Evolving World of Remote Work

3 Ways to Embrace the Evolving World of Remote Work thumbnail

Magnus Geverts of Calabrio shows how to drive workforce flexibility, enhance customer experience and employee satisfaction using modern workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions..

5 Ways Live Chat Can Help Your Business—and How to Find the Best Software thumbnail

Here are some of the key benefits of implementing live chat as well as some tips on how to choose the best software for your organization..

Customer Service and Experience Summit 2020 – Free Pass thumbnail

Join 25+ industry leading speakers, ranging from across the customer service, experience, care and support communities at this free virtual event..

Five Essential Tools for Better Customer Service

Five Essential Tools for Better Customer Service thumbnail

Customer service tools not only make it easier for you to reach out to your clients, but they also help to analyze and manage customer data to make informed business decisions..

AI to the Rescue: First Aid for Busy Contact Centres in Local Government thumbnail

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) really deflect calls away from the contact centre? Henry Jinman of EBI.AI outlines 7 reasons why conversational AI holds the answer..

5 Reasons to Implement Integrated Email Ticketing in Contact Centres thumbnail

Jamie MacSween of Puzzel shares his thoughts on why email is important in contact centres and how to use automated ticketing to resolve a sharp influx of customer enquiries..

New Contact Tracing Technology Helps Businesses Avoid Interruption Due to COVID-19 thumbnail

Utilizing Bluetooth Tracing Technology, Contact Harald is giving businesses a new way to keep their employees and customers protected with one simple proximity tracking card..

Voice of the Customer: The Importance of Feedback Surveys thumbnail

Monitoring the Voice of the Customer (VoC) should be one of the ongoing projects in any service program. One way to achieve this is to perform a customer feedback survey..

Why a Go to Market Strategy Is Important for Every Business thumbnail

Alon Ghelber, Chief Marketing Officer at Revuze reveals why the more customer engagement you have the more likely your customers will shop with you in the long run..