Consumer Obsession: The Powerhouse Behind Banks’ New Role in Society thumbnail

The past 18 months have illustrated consumers’ urgent need for flexibility and when they’re the ones dictating terms, you listen. Choosing not to could spell extinction for banks. Mambu’s Eelco-Jan Boonstra, explains..

10 Great Customer Service Tips to Improve the Customer Experience thumbnail

While there are numerous ways to delight your customers and have them rave about your service to others, here are my top ten tips for providing excellent customer service..

Contact Center Outlook: 2022 Promises to Be a Year of Continued Digital Disruption thumbnail

David Singer, Vice President of Product Strategy for Verint, explains why contact centers will need to stay agile to support the evolving needs of customers and employees in the year ahead..

How Customer Service Software Can Advance Your Business thumbnail

It’s no secret that customer service is a crucial part of any business. Companies that invest in customer service software will experience significant improvements in their overall customer satisfaction and engagement..

Nine Steps to Retaining Your Employees During The Great Resignation thumbnail

The Great Resignation has seen dramatic employee turnover rates. John Tschohl shares some important steps you can take to retain your current employees and attract new ones during these  challenging times..

Transforming the Customer Experience Through Employee Engagement thumbnail

Lezli Harrell, Vice President at COPC Inc. takes an in-depth look at how leaders can improve employee engagement to drive a better customer experience and achieve greater customer loyalty..

How to Create Engaging Customer Service Videos

How to Create Engaging Customer Service Videos thumbnail

You can answer customer inquiries or complaints manually, but 68 percent of consumers would rather watch videos than browse through articles or infographics to learn about products and services..

Why VPNs are Vital for Data-Driven Businesses

Why VPNs are Vital for Data-Driven Businesses thumbnail

When it comes to protecting the privacy of your company’s data, a VPN is essential. Depending on your needs, it can provide a high level of security to your business and its customers..

3 Ways to Win the Technology Tug-of-War

3 Ways to Win the Technology Tug-of-War thumbnail

In a digital-first era, how do organisations show customers they care? Ross Daniels at Calabrio has a simple but effective checklist to humanise the customer experience using the latest tech innovations..

PCI Pal Provides Secure, Compliant Payments for Talkdesk Global Customers thumbnail

PCI Pal, the global provider of secure payment solutions, is working closely with Talkdesk to provide a growing list of customers with innovative customer service and security capabilities..

A CEO’s Perspective on the Evolving Contact Centre Market thumbnail

Jason Roos, CEO and Founder of Cirrus Response, looks at the impact of technology on the contact centre market and shares some key data on how technological advancement is viewed by contact centre agents..

The Secret Jet Fuel for a Stagnant Contact Center

The Secret Jet Fuel for a Stagnant Contact Center thumbnail

If you go the extra mile and seek personalized, timely, insightful feedback from your customers, you can identify and improve contact center operations—and strengthen customer loyalty..

Gain Deeper Insights into Company Data with Enterprise Search thumbnail

Enterprise search solutions help businesses gain valuable deeper insights into their business data and processes by making more data available and accessible. This can lead to some surprising discoveries and insights..

Calabrio Named an Exemplary Vendor in Ventana Research’s 2022 Agent Management Value Index Report thumbnail

Calabrio, the customer experience intelligence company, has been positioned in the top category as an Exemplary vendor in Ventana Research’s 2022 Value Index on Agent Management..

5 Ways to Boost Customer Services in the COVID Era

5 Ways to Boost Customer Services in the COVID Era thumbnail

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken businesses across all industries. With that in mind, here we take a look at the essential ways to empower your customer services in the COVID era..

The Top Four CX Trends in 2022

The Top Four CX Trends in 2022 thumbnail

Business conversations continue to center on the value of CX, as it has become the cornerstone of success. Dave Mingle, VP of Customer Experience at Reputation, examines the key trends that will shape 2022..

AI-Powered Knowledge Management Platform for the Success of Your Customer Service Teams thumbnail

A centralized knowledge base for customer service powered by artificial intelligence can improve the performance of your support team and the satisfaction levels of your customers by providing easily to find the answers..

DHL Supply Chain Supports Business Expansion and Supercharges Agent Retention with Avaya OneCloud thumbnail

DHL Supply Chain is accelerating its business expansion to meet a boom in demand while simultaneously increasing agent retention to a record high, with the help of a suite of Avaya OneCloud technologies..

How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Customer Service in 2022 and Beyond thumbnail

AI, ML and NLP are altering how businesses communicate with their consumers. Here are some of the ways you can expect artificial intelligence to shape customer service in 2022 and beyond..