Restaurant Group Fridays UK Chooses PCI Pal to Secure Card Payments thumbnail

PCI Pal, the global provider of cloud-based secure payment solutions has supported restaurant group Fridays UK with the implementation of its PCI Pal Agent Assist solution, to ensure full PCI compliance..

Nicereply and Evaluagent Form Partnership to Help Customer Service Teams thumbnail

Nicereply, a leading customer satisfaction survey software provider, including CSAT, NPS and CES, has entered into a partnership with Quality Assurance & Improvement platform provider EvaluAgent..

6 Examples of Successful Customer-Centric Companies

6 Examples of Successful Customer-Centric Companies thumbnail

Customer-centricity is essential for companies and according to research done by Forbes, companies who have customer-centricity in their marketing strategies profit 60% more than those who don’t..

It’s Time to Say “Goodbye” to the Robotic Chatbot: Consumers Demand More from Digital-First Experiences thumbnail

Jen Snell, VP Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy, Conversational AI at Verint explains why its time to move from robotic chatbots to those capable of true contextual conversations..

Dixa Leverages $43 Million Double Acquisition of CX Intelligence and Automation Pioneers, Solvemate and Miuros thumbnail

Danish customer support innovator Dixa has announced the acquisitions of analytics leader Miuros, and automation pioneer Solvemate. Driven by a need amongst service teams to connect to customers..

Avaya Study Finds the Most Successful UK&I Businesses Focus on Total Experience thumbnail

Avaya survey indicates the most successful UK&I businesses recognise customer-centricity involves an interconnection between Customer, Employee, User, and Multiexperience..

Welcome to the Metaverse: The Digital Twin of the Universe

Welcome to the Metaverse: The Digital Twin of the Universe thumbnail

With the metaverse predicted to nearly double, potentially reaching $783.3 billion by 2024, it’s not a surprise that businesses across industries are looking to invest. Gerald Martinetz of Mindbreeze explores further..

How to Get Started with Customer Journey Mapping

How to Get Started with Customer Journey Mapping thumbnail

A customer journey map is a visual story explaining the process they go through when engaging with your brand. It begins with their awareness of your brand and ends with potential loyalty and even advocacy..

7 Digital Transformation Trends That Will Become Mainstream in 2022 thumbnail

In 2022, we are witnessing several changes around us. The aftermath of the pandemic that hit the world was so severe that its effects can still be seen. Jacob Davis explores five key trends that are emerging as a result..

What Jobs Are Gen Z Most Likely to Go Into?

What Jobs Are Gen Z Most Likely to Go Into? thumbnail

Gen Z are thought to be the leading generation behind the Great Resignation of 2021: the phenomenon that saw millions of workers quitting their jobs. This generation has a different attitude towards the workplace..

PCI Pal Unveiled as 21st Best-Performing Tech Scale-up at Megabuyte Emerging Stars Awards thumbnail

PCI Pal – the global provider of cloud-based secure payment solutions – has been announced as the one of the best-performing UK tech scale-up companies at the annual Megabuyte Emerging Stars awards..

4 Roads Transforms Knowledge Sharing Capabilities for Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)  thumbnail

Intelligent self-service (ISS) experts, 4 Roads, has partnered with the IET to transform its global membership network and knowledge sharing capabilities through a new online community platform built on Verint ..

5 SaaS Tools for Office Managers to Use

5 SaaS Tools for Office Managers to Use thumbnail

SaaS tools have become extremely popular in the project management industry, transforming the way it operates. In this article you will discover five leading SaaS tools to consider for your office..

AI Conversation Simulation for High-performing Customer Service Agents thumbnail

A key to retaining your existing business, growing your brand, and attracting new business is keeping your customers happy. Brian Tuite of Zenarate reveals new technologies that will help improve service..

With SCA Deadline Looming – What Happens Next?

With SCA Deadline Looming – What Happens Next? thumbnail

Organisations with an online presence need to be sure they are ready for full Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance for e-commerce transactions..

Free Report: Putting Service at the Heart of the Customer Experience thumbnail

Unearth critical customer service knowledge from leaders at Lenovo, AT&T, Walmart, CVS Health, Nissan and Cigna! What are these brands prioritizing in 2022? Get answers to these critical questions and more..

How VR is Leveraged in Customer Service and Retail Training thumbnail

Learning and development professionals in the customer service and retail industry are experiencing an evolution in how they engage their employees in ongoing job training. Learn more about the power of VR..

Key Retail Trends Right Now: Delivering Seamless Customer Experiences thumbnail

The trading environment in the past year has been challenging for retailers and has also reinforced the opportunity for retailers to completely rethink their operations to deliver seamless customer experiences…

BigChange Automation Drives Growth at Morgans Plumbing and Heating thumbnail

Morgans Plumbing and Heating has grown its business by more than 600 percent since implementing BigChange field service software. Using BigChange, Morgans has achieved the highest levels of automation..