The Benefits of Post-Purchase Support in Ecommerce

The Benefits of Post-Purchase Support in Ecommerce thumbnail

Post-purchase support is an integral feature of digital marketing which all e-commerce stores should consider. What are the benefits for a business? More importantly, how does it fit into an overall strategy?

MyQualityTeam Launch New Contact Centre Software That Improves Agent Performance by 180% thumbnail

MyQualityTeam is launching an innovative new agent performance platform to UK contact centres this month, helping managers upskill agents and optimise performance. A 30 day free trial is available..

How to Keep Customer Journeys on the Frictionless Path

How to Keep Customer Journeys on the Frictionless Path thumbnail

Businesses that optimise both the customer journey and the customer experience are rewarded with strong customer retention, revenues and brand reputation. Carlton Retland of Applause explains..

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Contact Centers thumbnail

In current times, where emotions and logic help us navigate through the world and coexist, emotional intelligence proves to be a valuable asset. Here, we look at the benefits of emotional intelligence in contact centers..

Waterfield Tech Launches Impact Analysis to Streamline CX Decision-Making in the Contact Center thumbnail

Waterfield Tech, a leading customer engagement solutions provider today announced the launch of its Impact Analysis program, a new prescriptive engagement aimed at helping clients address inefficiencies..

Enjoy a Slice of Customer Data Analytics Pi (e)

Enjoy a Slice of Customer Data Analytics Pi (e) thumbnail

There is an infinite amount of data in contact centres but what does it really tell us? Jim Davies of Calabrio believes that educated insights are better than wandering around in the unknown..

How Brands Can Maximise Their Online Revenues Through App Usage and Customer Retention thumbnail

Arunabh Madhur, Regional VP & Head Business EMEA at SHAREit Group examines how mobile apps are reshaping the e-commerce industry and how businesses can still plan and position themselves for success..

Making Your Contact Centre Data Work

Making Your Contact Centre Data Work thumbnail

One of the biggest CX challenges is working out exactly how to capture, organise and act on the potentially billions of different customer journey data points. Kevin McGachy, Head of Solutions, Sabio Group explains..

Make Shopping Easier with Retail Mapping Software

Make Shopping Easier with Retail Mapping Software thumbnail

Retail mapping software provides shoppers with interactive, updated indoor maps that help them find the most effective and quickest routes through retail stores and easily find the items on their shopping lists..

Salesforce Launch Einstein GPT; Is This the Beginning of AI’s Long-Awaited ‘Productivity Wave’? thumbnail

With Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI being quickly followed by the release of Google’s Bard, the conversation around Generative AI continues to build. Stuart Dorman of Sabio Group looks at the latest developments..

Ringover to Exhibit at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2023 thumbnail

Ringover will exhibit at the Recruitment Agency Expo, hosted at the Excel London on 21 and 22 March, 2023. Exhibiting from stand E25, Ringover will demonstrate its cloud communications system..

Darlington Borough Council Secures Contact Centre Payments With PCI Pal thumbnail

Darlington Borough Council has selected PCI Pal to manage its contact centre payment security and ensure it adheres to the compliance standards  relating to card-based payment transactions..

About to Begin Your Cloud Migration Journey? Be Prepared to Evolve Your Business thumbnail

Before deciding whether to follow a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid approach, organisations first need to think about their specific business goals and what they really want to achieve with their CX..

Nationwide Catering Services Celebrates Massive Milestone with BigChange thumbnail

Nationwide Catering Services (NCS), which has been supporting the UK food service industry since 1953, is celebrating ten years of using BigChange job management software..

The Benefits of a Career in Customer Service

The Benefits of a Career in Customer Service thumbnail

Being a customer service professional equips you with useful life skills that can benefit not just your professional career, but your personal development, too. Here we look some of the most common benefits..

WhatsApp Is a Consumer Favorite, but Only 30% Of Professionals Use It thumbnail

Landbot, the no-code chatbot platform for conversational experiences, has launched an industry report that confirms WhatsApp is the up-and-coming communication channel for businesses..

Lewisham Homes Selects Localz Technology to Improve Tenant Experience thumbnail

Localz, leading experts in customer empowerment technology for the last mile, today announced it has been selected by Lewisham Homes to support and improve its tenants’ experience..

5 Habits of Good Customer Service Managers

5 Habits of Good Customer Service Managers thumbnail

Daily rhythms, small habits that have been cultivated over days, months, and years, are key to succeeding in the world of customer service. Customer service managers know this better than anyone..

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? What’s on Offer and What to Consider thumbnail

The vast majority of organisations are still trying to establish just exactly what their cloud contact centre journey might look like. Derek Forrest of Sabio Group takes a look at what to consider and what’s on offer..