Free Webinar: How to Keep Your Service Teams Customer-Focused thumbnail

Join visionaries from BT, Butternut Box and Customer Service Culture for this free webinar or download and listen later..

Ecotricity Leads the Charge to Improved CX and Payment Security thumbnail

Ecotricity leads the charge to improved CX and telephone payment security with New Voice Media and PCI Pal Agent Assist..

Long-Term Success Starts With a Customer-First Work Culture thumbnail

Delivering the best possible customer service starts with establishing a culture that puts employees and customers first..

Why a Chatbot Alone Isn’t the Answer

Why a Chatbot Alone Isn’t the Answer thumbnail

Sarah Al-Hussaini, Co-Founder and COO of, explains why chatbots must be part of the customer journey if their full potential is to be realized..

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Wherever you’re working, what’s most critical is how and what is communicated by the business leaders to their teams..

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Happy customers will lead to your success but how do we ensure this level of customer satisfaction is consistently met? Through the hard work and dedication of our staff..

Customer Support Guide to Effectively Helping Your Customers thumbnail

The definitive guide to supporting customers from product to retention by Emil Hajric, CEO at

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Wag! is a perfect example of how an on-demand company is adopting technology that focuses on customer convenience. Learn more in this in-depth case study..

Best Tips to Improve Customer Service

Best Tips to Improve Customer Service thumbnail

If you want to up your customer service game, you’re making a great decision. Here are eight tips to help you get started..

Avaya Enabling Hundreds of Thousands to Work Remotely in the Face of COVID-19 Challenges thumbnail

Avaya is helping businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, governments and other organizations quickly adapt to a remote workforce..

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At first sight, it might not seem like project management has a lot to do with customer service. Read on to discover some surprising cross-over skills..

5 Ways to Apply AI and Win Back Business

5 Ways to Apply AI and Win Back Business thumbnail

Facilitating customer self-service using automated contact channels, such as IVR and chatbots is a recognised method of reducing strain on contact centres during spikes in demand..

The Contact Center Questions Raised by Coronavirus

The Contact Center Questions Raised by Coronavirus thumbnail

We all know we should expect the unexpected – that’s the nature of business. But what if you had to cease operations in multiple cities and countries at the same time?

Call Centres Coming Home: How Technology Can Smooth the Move thumbnail

Gary Williams, Director of Sales and Consultancy at Spitch explores how onshore call centres relative costs can be addressed with technology..

In Choosing a CRM, Company Culture Reigns King

In Choosing a CRM, Company Culture Reigns King thumbnail

When deciding on a CRM application—or for just about any software application—many companies consider service to be synonymous with ease of use. .

6 Ways Employees Are Motivated by Work

6 Ways Employees Are Motivated by Work thumbnail

Here are some ways employees remain motivated by work and what you should consider implementing in your business to encourage positivity..

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Each year this industry defining report provides key insights on the latest service, support and CX benchmarks and trends. Complete the survey and receive the full report..

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If you asked 100 Customer Service Representatives to identify their least favorite aspect of their job, 98 would probably say it is dealing with angry customers..

4 Lessons From the Cult of the Customer

4 Lessons From the Cult of the Customer thumbnail

Shep Hyken shares some quotes from his revised and updated book ‘The Cult of the Customer’ to get you thinking about how to amaze your customers..