Employee Benefit Trends in Customer Service: What’s Changing and Why It Matters thumbnail

Employee benefits have become an invaluable means of recruiting and retaining top talent. In fact, according to statistics, 73% of employees would remain in a company if they had adequate employee benefits..

Verizon Utilizes GenAI to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Verizon Utilizes GenAI to Enhance Customer Loyalty thumbnail

By strategically using AI in real-time customer call analysis, the telecommunication giant aims to prevent 100,000 customers from severing ties. This latest move is part of Verizon’s AI-driven journey..

SoftBank Unveils AI Filter to Shield Workers from Customer Anger thumbnail

Imagine a world where call center reps don’t have to deal with aggressive customers – SoftBank Corp is making that a reality. They’ve developed an ’emotion-cancelling’ AI filter that takes the sting out of irate customer calls..

Forrester Report Highlights Decline in Customer Service thumbnail

A recent report released by Forrester has revealed that the quality of customer experience in the United States has experienced a significant drop, marking the third consecutive year of decline..

Zenarate Named Disruptive Technology of the Year at 2024 CCW Excellence Awards thumbnail

Zenarate has been named Disruptive Technology of the Year at this year’s CCW Excellence Awards. The awards aim to elevate the standards of the contact center industry by recognizing the most innovative companies..

Succeeding With OKRs in Customer Service

Succeeding With OKRs in Customer Service thumbnail

Many companies are wondering how they can improve their customer services and keep standards as high as possible. One key initiative to bring in is OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Here’s a quick explainer..

Zingly Launches a Bold AI-Driven Future of CX for a World Beyond 1-800 Calls and Chatbots thumbnail

Ex-Avaya, Five9, Glia, and Talkdesk industry leaders have joined forces to revolutionize customer experience (CX) with the launch of Zingly, a Collaborative Customer Experience (CCX) Platform..

The Primacy Effect and Its Impact on Customer Service thumbnail

First impressions are more than just fleeting moments—they’re foundational. Understanding how the Primacy Effect influences customer service can empower businesses to create memorable customer experiences…

How an IT Help Desk Can Increase Internal Customer Loyalty thumbnail

The role of an IT help desk extends far beyond troubleshooting technical issues. It serves as the backbone of organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction. But how exactly can an IT help desk achieve this?

Customer Service Trends in the Hotel Industry

Customer Service Trends in the Hotel Industry thumbnail

As hospitality professionals, you’re likely aware that exceptional customer service is no longer just a nice-to-have—it’s a must. Let’s explore some of the latest trends shaping the way hotels enhance guest experiences..

Sabio Group Wins New Contract with Swedish Energy Firm Vattenfall for Cloud Contact Centre Transformation thumbnail

Sabio Group, the global digital customer experience (CX) transformation services specialist, has secured a new contract with a leading Swedish energy provider..

Pluxee Serves Up Transformative CX with Cloud Migration Powered by Sabio and Genesys thumbnail

Pluxee, the global leader in employee benefits and engagement services, has successfully transformed its customer experience (CX) through a strategic partnership with Sabio Group and Genesys..

Motorway and Business Systems Scoop the Partnership Award at The Forum 2024 Awards thumbnail

Business Systems Ltd and Motorway, the UK’s fastest growing used-car marketplace, have been announced as the winners of the Partnership Award at The Forum’s prestigious 2024 Awards..

Citrus Group Stays Connected with BigChange Job Management Software thumbnail

Electrical service provider Citrus Group, is using a BigChange job management system to reduce asset downtime and boost customer service. The app and back-office system is also boosting health and safety..

Meaning Teams up with Five9 Enabling Seamless Conversations and Improved Contact Center CX thumbnail

Meaning, the real-time voice harmonization platform, today announced its partnership with Five9, the intelligent CX platform provider. The collaboration will allow organizations to enrich the customer experience..

Customer Experience Trends in the Hospitality Industry thumbnail

Staying informed about current trends can help businesses provide memorable guest experiences. Here are some key customer experience trends shaping the hospitality industry today..

How To Enhance Your Property Management Services With Call Center Support thumbnail

By having a team dedicated to giving real-time, round-the-clock customer service, property managers can accomplish various tasks and improve customer experience at the same time..

Laser Cut Clarity: How Simplifying Our Order Process Improved Customer Satisfaction thumbnail

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, customer satisfaction is paramount. At MakerTable, we understand that providing a seamless and efficient order process is crucial for keeping our customers happy and loyal..

5 AI Trends Transforming the Future of Retail

5 AI Trends Transforming the Future of Retail thumbnail

Retail is changing at breakneck speed and technological advancements have driven seismic shifts in how businesses connect with customers. Tatum Bisley of Cirrus Response dives deeper into AI’s impact..