Nearly Half of Global Consumers Frustrated by English Language Internet and Technology thumbnail

A RWS report reveals 44% of global consumers are frustrated by the dominance of the English language on the internet and technology and only 23% feel brands understand their cultural needs and priorities..

Where Do Customer Service and Cybersecurity Intertwine?

Where Do Customer Service and Cybersecurity Intertwine? thumbnail

A successful firm must have both customer service and cybersecurity. At first glance, they might appear unrelated, yet they are actually intertwined in several significant ways. The protection of customer data is one..

PCI Pal to Speak at CIO Watercooler Live London

PCI Pal to Speak at CIO Watercooler Live London thumbnail

PCI Pal is attending the CIO Watercooler Live 2023 event in London, where Chief Information Security Officer, Geoff Forsyth, will be providing CIOs with an insight to security and compliance threats..

How Has Technology Helped to Improve Consumer Business Management? thumbnail

In today’s day and age, technology is evolving at a never-before-seen rate, providing organizations with fresh and creative options – from customer relations to inventory management..

TDCX Announces Launch of Digital Customer Experience Center of Excellence in Singapore thumbnail

TDCX, an award-winning digital customer experience (CX) solutions provider for innovative technology, announced today the launch of its first Digital CX Center of Excellence in Singapore..

Employers Are Stepping Up As 53% of Frontline Colleagues Report Symptoms of Stress thumbnail

Research released today highlights the changing nature of calls taken in the contact centre are having an impact on frontline wellbeing, with more than half of frontline colleagues reporting work-related stress..

The Ultimate 5-step Detox Programme for Contact Centre Health thumbnail

If the festive season left your frontline staff frazzled, now is the time to give them a welcome energy boost. Magnus Geverts shares his top tips for beating agent burnout—and the competition—in 2023..

How CX Insights From Automated Tagging of Support Tickets Help Product Managers thumbnail

In this article, Palak Dalal Bhatia, CEO and Founder of IrisAgent, explains how AI-powered automated tagging can provide a reliable source of customer feedback for Product Managers..

Stirling Electrical Transforms with BigChange Mobile Working Tech thumbnail

A BigChange job management system is helping electrical contractor Stirling Electrical Services improve efficiency and transform business performance..

Could ChatGPT Herald the Next Stage for CX AI Adoption?

Could ChatGPT Herald the Next Stage for CX AI Adoption? thumbnail

Over the last few weeks, you would have heard lots of noise about ChatGPT, the new model for conversational AI that was launched by OpenAI. Joe O’Brien of Sabio Group, takes a close look..

New Research Shows Organisations Are Failing to Grasp Customer Interaction Needs thumbnail

Over 70% of UK organisations which offer contact centre services are failing to implement new ways of communicating with their customers, a new survey shows..

Amazon’s Alexa? Google’s Nest? What’s The Value in This Technology? thumbnail

Recent news articles are telling us that the world of voice assistants is struggling, with the latest industry murmurings involving Amazon’s Alexa and it being described as a “colossal failure”. Phil Jordan of Sabio, investigates..

4 Point of Sale (POS) Trends to Look for in 2023

4 Point of Sale (POS) Trends to Look for in 2023 thumbnail

Thinking about how POS technologies can transform your business operations? Read the following POS trends to meet the ever-changing customers’ needs..

Beware Skinny Sweet Shop Owners – Are Contact Centres Missing Out on Tasty Customer Data? thumbnail

Contact centres are giant candy stores full of rich, tempting data but how do you choose and where do you begin? Jim Davies shares five delicious tips for mastering effective data collation and optimisation..

Calabrio Appoints Kevin M. Jones as CEO to Lead the Company in its Next Stage of Growth thumbnail

Calabrio is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Jones as CEO. Kevin succeeds Tom Goodmanson, Calabrio’s current CEO who is leaving after successfully leading the company for the past 15 years..

Ways to Pay in 2023 – Encoded’s Top Five Payment Predictions thumbnail

With an increase in online spending and new faster, easier ways to pay, companies should think again about ways to meet customer preferences. Rob Crutchington of Encoded shares his top five predictions in 2023..

Is a Digital-Only Strategy Right for Your Business?

Is a Digital-Only Strategy Right for Your Business? thumbnail

As Frontier Airlines embarks on its first full year of a digital-only strategy, James O’Hare, MD of LINK Mobility, looks at whether it’s right for every business..

Sabio Group Expands Into the Nordic Region and Strengthens Genesys Capability thumbnail

Sabio, the digital customer experience (CX) transformation company, has expanded into the European Nordics region following a ‘transfer of business’ agreement with a major European IT consultancy..

Medallia Customer Experience Platform Chosen by SelectBlinds thumbnail

SelectBlinds has selected Medallia, a customer experience management platform, to help improve and enhance their customers’ experiences. Gabe Benavides said: “We are thrilled to work more closely with SelectBlinds”