How to Use Email Marketing to Drive More Customer Loyalty thumbnail

Keeping a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. So how do you use email to drive more customer loyalty? Here are some tips to improve your strategy fast..

5 Ways to Eliminate Customer Service Friction

5 Ways to Eliminate Customer Service Friction thumbnail

Shep Hyken shares a list of areas with opportunities to eliminate friction and displeasure for the customer..

Webinar: The Future of Customer Service

Webinar: The Future of Customer Service thumbnail

Join experts from Gucci, Sky and Customer Lifeguard in this free webinar to uncover how to strategize for the future with a successful multichannel customer experience..

How to Make Customers Love Your Contact Centre’s Chatbot thumbnail

Here we take a look at some simple ways you can ensure your customers will love your contact centre’s chatbot, rather than loathe it!

Three Ways to Handle Escalated Phone Calls

Three Ways to Handle Escalated Phone Calls thumbnail

It’s time to fix the escalation problem. Here are three ways you can prepare your employees to de-escalate so you can take a little stress out of everybody’s life..

Six Secrets to NEVER Share with Customers

Six Secrets to NEVER Share with Customers thumbnail

Jeff Mowatt highlights some oversharing blunders that annoy customers and limit the careers of customer service advisors..

Predictive Customer Support: Fix It Before It’s a Problem thumbnail

Shep Hyken explains how to ensure your customers get the support not only before they know they need it, but before the problem ever occurs..

Setting Up a Business with a Strong Customer Focus from the Outset thumbnail

Any tasks which are customer-related should always take the highest priority. Here are some key areas which new businesses would do well to put in place from the outset..

To Respond or Not to Respond to Customer Feedback

To Respond or Not to Respond to Customer Feedback thumbnail

With the presence of review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and comment sections on company websites themselves, CX leaders are now faced with a question many aren’t sure how to answer..

Effort and Responsiveness in Customer Service Impacts Customer Loyalty thumbnail

Increasingly time-poor consumers often expect an organisation to know what they are contacting them about, and how to resolve any issues on demand..

Harnessing Social Media as a Contact Centre Channel

Harnessing Social Media as a Contact Centre Channel thumbnail

With social media firmly cemented in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that we are further utilising those channels to gain quicker and more personalised engagements with brands..

How to Ensure a Bespoke CRM System Continues to Add Customer Value thumbnail

When a custom CRM is well mapped out from the outset, it should provide added value for customers on delivery and well into the future..

How to Provide a Great Experience for Your Conference Guests thumbnail

When delegates pay to attend an event, they naturally want to gain a return on their investment and have a great customer experience..

How Improved Customer Education Helped Nintex Drive 153% Higher Annual Recurring Revenue thumbnail

By building and formalizing a learning curriculum that’s customized by audience, Nintex has provided customers with an accessible, relevant library of resources..

Closing the Weakest Link: Call Centre Authentication thumbnail

In the call centre industry, organisations are aiming to improve operational efficiency. But any gains made will all be lost if security is not factored into the equation..

Protecting Your Customers’ Data Before Disaster Strikes thumbnail

When it comes to protecting customer data, avoiding complacency and staying agile are crucial to avoid being hit by a security breach..

Improve Customer Experience with Knowledge Management thumbnail

A well-planned and maintained knowledge management system is the cornerstone of a successful customer experience strategy..

Customer Service: It’s the Little Things That Matter thumbnail

It is often the small details that customers notice and remember more than the product they purchased. Pay attention to the little things and your customers will love you even more..

The Right Questions to Ask Your Customers

The Right Questions to Ask Your Customers thumbnail

There are quite a few best practices out there to gain customer feedback to help improve your organization’s performance and growth. But are you asking the right questions?