Unlock the Secrets of Customer Service Excellence: Who’s Winning and What’s Broken? thumbnail

We work in the most valuable industry in business. Not only do we hold the keys to business success through data and all the conversations had with customers, but we work in the most friendly and welcoming sector..

EnviroVent Boosts Productvity with BigChange Field Service Tech thumbnail

EnviroVent, the manufacturer of domestic ventilation products, has transformed its installation and service operation using a BigChange job management system. Since implementing the 6-in-1 cloud based solution..

Ten Essential Ways to Upskill Customer Support Team Leaders thumbnail

Customer support team leaders are pivotal figures who bridge the gap between frontline support staff and the strategic goals of a company, ensuring customer satisfaction while driving efficiency and innovation..

Avaya and LivePerson Team Up to Set New Standards in CX thumbnail

Avaya and LivePerson have partnered to integrate voice, digital, and AI capabilities into a unified omnichannel solution for enhanced customer experiences and accelerated digital transformation..

Chat GPT-4o Set to Revolutionize Customer Experience with Voice Engagement thumbnail

Picture being able to sift through conversations from around the globe, figuring out exactly how customers feel on-the-fly. For CX professionals searching insights far and wide – here comes your hidden advantage!

TTEC Digital Awarded Patent for AI Systems Orchestration in Customer Experience thumbnail

TTEC today announced that it was awarded a patent for a solution that streamlines the inputs and integrations needed to power truly intelligent customer experiences. The patent complements the company’s extensive..

Sabio Group Recognised for CX Expertise with Series of Awards thumbnail

Sabio Group, the digital customer experience (CX) transformation services specialist, has been named Avaya’s ‘Enterprise Cloud Partner of the Year – International’ at its annual Avaya Engage event..

New Enhancements to Avaya Experience Platform Elevate CX thumbnail

Avaya has unveiled a series of important enhancements to the Avaya Experience Platform (AXP), that further Avaya’s leadership in Enterprise CX as well as its commitment to delivering Innovation without Disruption..

Customer Service Training: A Quick Guide for Mastering Service Excellence thumbnail

The saying “the customer is always right” has evolved into recognizing customer service as a crucial aspect of every business. Effective customer service training is a strategic imperative for businesses..

Commbox Launches Connect Partner Programme Offering Market-Leading Automation and AI Capabilities thumbnail

CommBox, the leader in AI and automated customer communications, is today launching its new partner programme, CommBox Connect. This programme opens CommBox’s market-leading technology..

Bridging the Gap: Connecting Agent Coaching with Client Service Level Agreements (SLAs) thumbnail

The key to truly standout service? It’s all about how closely organizations stick to their promises, spelled out in Client Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Think of these not merely as contracts but as guarantees..

Genesys Research Uncovers Cross-Generational Approval of AI in Customer Service thumbnail

A new study by Genesys reveals that people of all ages are open to artificial intelligence provided it enhances their customer service experiences. The study explores the varying attitudes towards AI..

The Crucial Role of Premium Proxies in Elevating Customer Service Efforts thumbnail

In the modern digital landscape, customer service has transcended traditional interactions to become a key competitive differentiator. As businesses strive to provide seamless and secure customer experiences..

How to Reduce Early Life Customer Churn for Enhanced Retention thumbnail

Keeping new customers from leaving too soon is no small feat. For customer service managers, tackling early life churn is not just about retaining a number, but nurturing a potentially lifelong relationship..

Verint Lands $7 Million Deal to Ramp up AI-Driven Results for Fortune 500 Company thumbnail

A Fortune 500 company has picked Verint to lead the way in AI-driven business solutions through a cutting-edge hybrid cloud strategy. The client will incorporate four AI-powered bots in the cloud..

Navigating the Storm: A Guide to Handling Customer Service Escalations thumbnail

In the world of customer service, escalations are the stormy weather every manager knows they’ll have to face. Customer support crews face sudden challenges just like storms rolling in out of nowhere..

RingCentral Automates Workflows with New Integrated AI and Video Features thumbnail

RingCentral has upgraded its platform to allow easy integration of AI, video, and social messaging features into workflows without coding. The new RingSense AI APIs enable users to generate transcriptions..

12 Meaningful Ways to Say Thank You for Your Order thumbnail

As a Customer Service Manager, you recognize the value of a happy customer. One of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction is by saying thank you in meaningful ways..

Yellow.ai Unveils Orchestrator LLM for Enhanced, Natural Customer Interactions thumbnail

Yellow.ai just rolled out Orchestrator LLM, a smart agent model that steps up customer chats by pinpointing questions right on target, remembering past talks, and flipping through topics smoothly across platforms..