Verint Lands $7 Million Deal to Ramp up AI-Driven Results for Fortune 500 Company

Robot AI in the cloud

A Fortune 500 company has picked Verint to lead the way in AI-driven business solutions through a cutting-edge hybrid cloud strategy.

The client will retain its current on-premises solutions while incorporating four AI-powered bots in the cloud, leveraging the Verint Open Platform.

With the Verint Open Platform, client’s can effortlessly merge into hybrid cloud environments. This allows for fast-tracking AI-driven bot deployment and seeing instant benefits in business operations minus the headache of updating old systems.

Jaime Meritt, Verint’s chief product officer, said:

“We’re delivering AI business outcomes that brands can achieve now without the cost, delay and disruption of changing their current ecosystem. The Verint Open Platform integrates seamlessly with existing cloud and on-premises solutions and makes it easy for large enterprises to rapidly deploy AI-powered bots through a hybrid cloud architecture.”

The contract encompasses four AI-powered bots:

  • Exact Transcription Bot
  • Interaction Wrap Up Bot
  • Data Insights Bot
  • Quality Bots

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