Avaya Expands Its CX Services with the Acquisition of Edify


Avaya has acquired Edify, integrating advanced AI-powered customer journey orchestration and workflow capabilities into the Avaya Experience Platform (AXP).

The acquisition accelerates Avaya’s ability to provide personalized customer experiences through task automation, journey orchestration, and CRM connectors.

The integration of Edify’s no-code orchestration engine into AXP allows businesses to create and deploy workflows easily, enhancing customer interactions. Edify’s technology brings valuable features like open APIs, out-of-the-box CRM connections, and AI capabilities such as NLU and sentiment analysis to AXP.

Avaya said the move highlights its commitment to innovation in customer experience solutions and staying competitive in the market.

The acquisition closed in May 2024, with the terms of the transaction remaining undisclosed.

About Edify

Edify specializes in connecting businesses with customers and employees through cloud-native solutions that simplify business communications. Edify’s flagship product, Edify CX, combines contact center and real-time communications platform functionality in a no-code cloud-native solution, ensuring global availability and a 100% SLA uptime guarantee.

About Avaya

Avaya’s contact center and communication platforms are designed to facilitate engaging, customized, and memorable interactions that propel businesses forward. Avaya empowers its clients with the flexibility to craft their own paths, ensuring there is no ceiling to the kinds of experiences they can generate.

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