RingCentral Automates Workflows with New Integrated AI and Video Features

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RingCentral has upgraded its platform to allow easy integration of AI, video, and social messaging features into workflows without coding.

The new RingSense AI APIs enable users to generate transcriptions, summaries, and speaker identification from audio and video content.

A Video API and SDK have been introduced to seamlessly integrate live video interactions into applications with features like closed captioning and chat functionalities.

Social Messaging APIs extend app integration across various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.

RingCentral’s Chief Product Officer, Srini Raghavan said:

“RingCentral is taking its platform capabilities to the next level. Regardless if you’re a developer or an end-user, you can take advantage of our world-class platform with hundreds of APIs and automated workflows to drive critical business communications forward. Our developer community can leverage new APIs and SDKs for embedding RingSense AI, video, or social messaging into workflows. These enhancements reflect our next step in delivering no-code and low-code platform experiences and giving customers more intelligent and personalized capabilities.”

RingCentral has also launched a Workflow Builder tool to automate routine tasks and enhance efficiency and customer service in the workplace. The Builder includes pre-designed templates and a visual editor for creating custom workflows, allowing for tailored responses to incoming communications.

Sameep Lad, AVP, Product Management – Platform and Integrations, said:

“Customer experience is one of the most important aspects in the business industry. That’s what RingCentral Workflow Builder is for — our main objective is to simplify your daily repetitive tasks while maintaining an excellent customer experience.” 

The company offers these APIs at no cost in beta to RingCentral Video Pro+ and RingEX customers.

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