Sprinklr Unveils AI-First Approach to Capturing Customer Feedback Through Surveys

Face with AI circuits

Sprinklr, a Unified-CXM platform, has launched Sprinklr Surveys, entering the Customer Feedback Management (CFM) market with AI-powered survey capabilities.

The new offering integrates solicited survey feedback with unsolicited feedback sources to provide actionable insights for enterprise clients.

Sprinklr aims to address challenges faced by customer experience teams, such as outdated surveys, small datasets, and delays in issue resolution, with a modernized, AI-first approach.

Sprinklr Surveys offers unique features including an AI-assisted survey builder, conversational surveys, automated insights, hypothesis testing with digital data, and seamless integration with the Sprinklr Insights platform.

The platform is designed to improve response rates, response quality, and time to insights for enterprise customers.

Sprinklr Surveys is currently in limited availability, offering interested parties the opportunity to set up a demo through the Sprinklr website.

Sprinklr, headquartered in New York City, is a leading enterprise software company specializing in customer-facing functions, with a focus on delivering human experiences across modern channels.

The company works with over 1,700 enterprises globally, including prominent brands like Microsoft, P&G, and Samsung, emphasizing the importance of un-siloed teams for enhancing customer satisfaction.

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