Customer Service: Why You Should Think Long Term

What we do today has a long-term effect for both the customer and our company.

Top 4 Customer Service Myths

Here are some myths regarding customer service that may be stopping your customers from being loyal to you for life.

Why Are Customer Service Improvements Important?

Most companies want to increase the quality of their customer service – do you?

5 Things Today’s Customers Want

Have you ever wondered what your customers really want? Here are 5 things that they may be looking for.

Make it Easier for Customers to Do Business with You

A three step process for making your business customer-friendly and build the relationships critical for customer loyalty.

John Tschohl is inspired by one of the world’s leaders in customer service—online retailer, In this article John suggests we follow Amazon’s example and take the lead in serving our customers.

How to Instantly Upgrade Your CRM Software

Your CRM system does a lot for your business, but you can help make it do more with a few simple upgrades. Learn how in this article.

Why the combination of customer interactions can add up to an overall amazing customer experience.

Customer Service—It’s Not Rocket Science

Let’s go back to basics by taking a closer look at the principles of customer service.

It was the best of stores, it was the worst of stores. An interesting article by Shep Hyken.

The Financial Impact of Customer Service

Don’t take customer service for granted – the financial impact is huge!

5 Steps to a Better Customer Service Experience

Take a journey through the five Stages of the Customer Satisfaction Practices Continuum.

How to Avoid Customer Support Blunders

Delivering customer support excellence can be a challenge. Here are 5 of the most common blunders to avoid.

Make the most of those precious opportunities when connecting with your customers.

What Customer Centricity Is Really All About

The decision that you have to make is whether customer centricity is an investment that promotes doing more rather than less for your customers.

Are Your Customers Getting Uniform Service?

If you want to offer the best possible customer service experience, be sure to be consistent.

The Importance of Departed Client Analysis

Do you know the real reasons why your lost customers decided to stop working with your company? Here is a way to find out.

Walk a Mile in Your Customers’ Shoes

How easy is it for people to do business with your organization? If you don’t know, you’d better find out—and fast.

5 Keys to Customer Retention

Customer retention is important to the long-term success. Here are five ways to keep your customers.