How to Deal with Irate Customers

Dealing with irate customers is one of the most pressure-packed experiences you will encounter at work. Here are some ways to handle the most difficult clients.

US and UK Customer Service: Differences Revealed

A new study highlights the contrasting responses of consumers in the US and UK.

Customer Service Empowerment Powers Profits

Employee empowerment is defined as allowing employees to make fast decisions—on the spot—in favor of the customer.

It’s a business no-brainer that happy employees make happy customers. But how do you get happy employees that deliver the best possible customer service?

Handling Customer Complaints: The LAAF Method

The LAAF model is an effective, easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to dealing with customer complaints.

How to Tackle Customer Service Stress

As anyone who has worked in customer service can tell you, a customer service job can be highly stressful. If this stress gets out of hand it can have many negative effects.

Quality Standards for Great Customer Experiences

A customer should receive the same level of service no matter who is the individual service provider.

12 Reasons Why Customer Service Training Fails

Is really most of the money and time companies spend on training wasted?

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting!

There’s one thing that customers delight in and that’s being provided with service in a timely manner.

Neil Penny outlines some practical advice for a successful approach to boosting your customer service programs using gamification.

Customer Loyalty: Never Lose the Personal Touch

Steve Attwell predicts that the software vendors that provide high quality human contact will prosper most.

Top 10 Customer Loyalty Tips

I think we can all agree that customer loyalty is essential for a successful business.

3 Steps to New Customer Service Employee Success

Here are three important tasks that will help new hires be successful.

How to Prevent Angry Customers

Errol Allen identifies and addresses issues which contribute to customer unhappiness.

Customer loyalty is about ensuring a customer will come back to your business the next time, every time.

Top 10 Technology Trends for Customer Service

Sabio’s Founding Director, Adam Faulkner highlights the 10 top technology trends that he believes will drive best practice customer engagement.

Mike Atherton explains the importance of implementing a cross-channel communication system to proactively outreach to customers in an emergency.

Monitoring your customer support performance will alert you to potential issues that can be addressed before you start losing revenue.

10 Key Steps to Customer Orientation

The key to success in today’s highly competitive marketplace is to adopt a customer oriented business strategy.