AsiaInfo Nominated In Telecoms Awards

Cloud-based RTSS solution shortlisted in new global awards.

How to Score Customer Loyalty Surveys

This article discusses the development of an internal scoring index that can be used by survey companies administering customer satisfaction surveys, customer loyalty surveys, or surveys that measure both satisfaction and loyalty..

Digital marketers urged to improve online customer feedback.

Klaas van der Leest, UK Managing Director, Intelecom dispels 7 myths about contact centers in the cloud..

6 Ways to Link Quality Improvement to Customer Service

Based on ASQ’s Global State of Quality Research: Discoveries 2013, Customer Service Managers can enhance the pay-off of corporate quality initiatives by providing Voice of the Customer, revenue and word of mouth impact estimates and proactive customer education services..

The organizational design of your CRM solution is the single most important aspect of ensuring a quality customer experience.

Contact Centers Still in the Quality Monitoring Dark Ages

The latest ‘Workforce Optimisation Technologies forecast’ released by Ovum estimates the spend on quality monitoring (QM) technology to be $141 million across Europe.

A few years ago I received a call from the President of a company operating a customer service group whose primary responsibilities included taking orders from customers as well as field sales reps on behalf of their best customers.

Social Media Makes Banking Social Again

With bank branches closing each week, “Banking is no longer a place you go, it’s simply something you do.” Retail banking has had to evolve considerably over the last few decades. Banks used to have it relatively easy – customers were loyal, local and trusting and kept the same bank account for their whole life. [...]

Jay Manangan suggests 5 long-lasting benefits of good customer service..

Increase brand awareness and establish your name by enhancing your reputation..

8 Fool-Proof Strategies for Customer Retention

Keeping customers is critical in these unpredictable times. Here are a few tips for success..

Social media is enabling customers to complain like never before – are you ready for “customer revenge”?

Richard McCrossan, Strategic Business Director of customer service software company Genesys, explains how a recent angry customer tweet shows just how important it is for companies to listen to the voice of the customer and have the facilities to act immediately..

How to Provide Great Customer Service over the Phone

Kevin Gillam offers some handy tips on how to make every phone call with your clients great..

An in-depth case study looking at how Smith Corona set out to create a system for building the perfect order..

The Power of One: Digital Customer Service Explained

Richard McCrossan looks at how a flexible and holistic digital customer service solution can enable companies to take advantage of new customer channels..

Social Media and Customer Service [Infographic]

Here is an infographic by Impact Learning that explores the undeniable link between social media and customer service..

Portals can give vendors the tools to provide the best customer experience but only if they are actually used..