5 New Customer Behaviors All Customer Service Managers Need to Know

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The digital revolution has forced companies to re-evaluate their customer communication programs and marketing tactics.

From social media to customer portals and personalized account pages, companies have had to determine what digital communication and support options make the most sense for their customers.

Customer behavior has changed tremendously and businesses have been slow to catch up. But what are these behaviors, and how can companies cater to these new digital attitudes?

Here are five new customer behaviors all customer service managers need to know:

1. Customers are problem sensitive. According to a study by Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, 50 percent of consumers reported experiencing a problem with products or services in the past year. Customers are prone to being sensitive in service environments – the key is to offer fast and easy solutions to reduce frustration.

2. Customers want to solve their problems themselves. Consumers nowadays are “always on” and “on-the-go,” and expect to be able to find information at their fingertips (literally). Customer service managers need to consider mobile app customer service options.

3. Today’s consumers go online when they have questions. A Forrester study shows that 67 percent of customer support calls originate online. Customers prefer efficient over personalized service, and shouldn’t have to leave a website to find answers to their questions.

4. Calling out a company on social media is commonplace nowadays. Consumers place high value on the opinions of others when deciding to make a purchase. A customer calling out a company on Facebook or Twitter, therefore, can be detrimental to the business. Companies have to push back against this trend by having efficient service options on a multitude of channels.

5. Consumers are willing to pay for a better experience. According to a survey from CEI, 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better experience. Consumers refuse to have a sub-par experience in digital channels – so much so that they would be willing to spend more on it.

By becoming aware of these new behaviors, customer service managers can adapt the strategies, technology and most importantly, the mindset needed to excel in today’s digital world.

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Mike Hennessy is VP of Marketing for IntelliResponse, a leading provider of virtual agent technology solutions.

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