RG&E Introduces ‘Ava’ the AI Energy Customer Service Assistant

Customer service assistants

In a bid to enhance customer service efficiency and address longstanding issues, Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) has recently taken significant steps towards improving its customer communication strategies.

Facing challenges with billing systems and customer service, RG&E has made headlines by hiring hundreds of new customer service agents and launching an artificial intelligence pilot program named Ava.

This move reflects a broader trend in the utility industry where companies are increasingly turning to technology, specifically artificial intelligence, to revolutionize their customer service operations.

Ava is designed to provide quick assistance to customers seeking answers to basic questions about their bills on the RG&E website.

Shelby Cohen from RG&E clarifies that Ava is not meant to replace the call center but to offer a digital communication option for customers.

Ava can look up specific account information such as balances and meter reads, but its ability to handle customer service complaints is still being tested during the pilot phase.

RG&E emphasizes that Ava is an additional option, and customers can still reach the fully staffed call center for assistance.

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