The AI Revolution: Microsoft’s Impact on Customer Service Call Centers

Call center Copilots

Get ready for a game-changer in customer service call centers: Microsoft is about to launch a suite of AI-powered tools that leverages its expertise in AI.

Copilot, already capable of summarizing emails and creating PowerPoint slides, will now assist in call centers, competing with industry players like and Zoom.

Microsoft’s AI tools aim to respond to customer queries with pinpoint accuracy by digging deep into company help manuals and serving up expert answers that save time and trouble.

Agents using Microsoft Copilot for Service can have conversations that feel genuinely human – quick, natural, and informed by data from every available source, making each interaction more fluid and effective.

Jeff Comstock, VP of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, MicrosoftMicrosoft’s corporate VP of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Jeff Comstock envisions a future where agents focus on high-touch interactions, liberated from mundane tasks that bog them down.

“The service space is, unfortunately, just rife with toil and drudgery. There’s tons of tools, and they have to use lots of processes just to do the most basic sort of tasks. It’s a brutal experience,” Comstock said. “And so, our goal is to help them in the flow of work to reduce that toil and drudgery.”

Microsoft said that the new contact center software is set to be released on July 1st.

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