Sabre Hospitality Launches SynXis Concierge.AI

Hotel concierge

Sabre Hospitality, a division of global software and technology firm Sabre Corporation, is primed to unveil an AI powered ‘concierge’ at HITEC Charlotte in the USA.

The company says SynXis’ Concierge.AI uses advanced Generative AI to help hotels provide exceptional customer service.

This introduction to Generative AI is a first for Sabre Hospitality, with an aim to extend the reach of customer service beyond conventional support agent abilities. Fast and accurate responses to customer inquiries are a reality with this technology, fostering a more harmonious customer experience.

As of now, Sabre’s Customer Care and Delivery team is utilizing the Concierge.AI solution to manage various customer connections. With this innovation, Sabre Hospitality is looking to weave SynXis Concierge.AI into the fabric of the Community Portal. What they’re aiming for is an ecosystem where customers can help themselves and product updates become a symphony of efficiency, orchestrated to free up more time for what matters.

Scott Wilson, president, Sabre Hospitality

The president of Sabre Hospitality, Scott Wilson has spoken with enthusiasm about the potential of SynXis Concierge.AI. His prediction? This innovation will turn customer service on its head, providing rapid-fire responses that hit the mark every time. He said:

“SynXis Concierge.AI will significantly elevate the customer service experience by providing swift and accurate resolutions. This innovation underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Amy Read, VP of Innovation, Sabre HospitalityBut it’s not just Wilson who foresees the immense potential. Amy Read, Sabre Hospitality’s VP of Innovation, echoes similar sentiments. According to her, the future of customer service is already here, courtesy of Generative AI, which is primed to revamp every facet of operational workflow. She added:

“Generative AI represents a monumental leap in technology for the hospitality industry. With SynXis Concierge.AI, we are not only revolutionizing customer service but also unlocking new opportunities for driving operational efficiency and personalizing the guest experience. We have the data and connectivity to maximize Generative AI’s potential, and we are fully committed to continuous innovation, helping our customers achieve their fullest potential with this transforming technology.”

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