Supporting All Talent to Thrive This Neurodiversity Week

Neurodiversity Week

Neurodiversity Week marks an important time for us to celebrate the diverse range of neurological differences that enrich our workplace and communities.

Organisations have so much to gain from embracing neurodiversity. Not only can a company create a richer, more inclusive culture, but also unlock a wealth of innovation, creativity, and problem-solving abilities within teams.

Regrettably, not enough is being done to support neurodiverse individuals in the workplace as it stands. Recent data has shown that 31% of neurodiverse employees are currently unsatisfied with work settings, and a further 36% reported a lack of guidance or support at work. Organisations must ensure that neurodiverse individuals have equal opportunities to flourish at work and put into place the right measures to help them do so.

By prioritising wellness initiatives that cater to diverse neurological needs, organisations can support the mental and emotional well-being of all individuals and cultivate environments where everyone can thrive. And with advancements in AI, automation, and other emerging technologies, organisations have the tools at their disposal to make a positive impact on the employee experience, facilitating work environments that cater to everyone’s unique preferences and empowering teams to thrive.

As a company that embraces empathy in everything we do, Genesys is committed to recognising everyone’s value, learning new ways to approach opportunities, creating workspaces to enable neuro diverse talent by accommodating those who have historically been excluded. We encourage all organisations to do the same and unlock the potential of such valuable talent.

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EJ Cay is VP, UK and Ireland at Genesys.  

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