Unlocking Customer Experience Potential with Avaya Experience Platform (AXP)

Avaya Experience Platform (AXP)

Over the past year, Sabio Group has been working closely with Avaya to help companies across industries unlock the full potential of the Avaya Experience Platform (AXP).

From healthcare to financial services, gaming, retail, and insurance, we’ve seen firsthand how AXP empowers organisations to transform their customer experience (CX) operations.

One of our flagship projects in that time was in supporting a large European savings and pensions provider with over 2.3 million policyholders to transition to Avaya’s cloud-based contact centre solutions.

By moving to AXP, this financial services giant would be able to streamline interactions across its massive customer base and equip agents with advanced capabilities to drive more personalised, efficient experiences.

Integrating workforce optimisation into the contact centre was a game-changer for them, enabling real-time monitoring, smarter scheduling, and continuous performance improvement. With advanced analytics seamlessly built into AXP, agents have the tools to turn insights into action, executing on a vision of unparalleled customer care.

Avaya Customer Experience Platform

Our Avaya Experience Platform Report Card

This project reflects the immense flexibility we’ve seen with AXP implementations. There’s no need to “rip and replace” existing infrastructure. Companies can gradually transition based on their cloud readiness, moving channel by channel at their own pace. It’s a phased pathway we call “Cloud Contact Centre Without Compromise.”

The breadth of options available on AXP now is also impressive. We can assemble customised solutions with the exact capabilities each customer needs — no more, no less. The platform brings together omnichannel interactions, AI-infused experiences, sophisticated workforce optimisation tools, and actionable analytics in a single pane of glass.

And it all integrates seamlessly with other best-of-breed technologies. Tight links with Google Contact Center AI open the door for virtual agents, sentiment analysis, and other innovations, while Verint’s workforce management tools interoperate natively.

What about existing Avaya customers?

For existing Avaya customers, the path is even clearer. Upgrading to AXP optionally involves either maintaining or cloud-enhancing your existing core voice components, then layering on omnichannel digital channels, AI, and more cloud-native features. There’s now enough core functionality built into the platform for both current and prospective users to find real value.

After a year deploying AXP across industries with diverse customers, we’re convinced this is now a ‘sit up and take notice’ player for those organisations looking at CX platforms. It delivers “Innovation Without Disruption,” empowering companies to configure solutions matching their unique needs today and evolve smoothly as those needs change tomorrow.

Avaya is now convincingly demonstrating that contact centres no longer need to choose between the benefits of the cloud and retaining their legacy investments – they can have it all with AXP.

Sabio is uniquely positioned to guide you on your AXP journey, offering a comprehensive service designing and delivering the enhanced customer experiences organisations need, underpinned by an established, long term partnership with Avaya.

Learn more about our experience with Avaya Experience Platform in our new flyer.

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