SoftBank Unveils AI Filter to Shield Workers from Customer Anger

Customer service robot

Imagine a world where call center reps don’t have to deal with aggressive customers – SoftBank Corp is making that a reality.

They’ve developed an ’emotion-cancelling’ AI filter that takes the sting out of irate customer calls.

Whenever a frustrated caller gets on the line, this technology kicks in, gradually shifting their inflamed tone to a more level-headed pitch, helping to ease tensions.

Designed as a shield for call center staff against aggressive verbal assaults, the AI doesn’t alter the words spoken but provides a soothing overlay to the caller’s tone.

The system isn’t just smart; it’s exceptionally well-trained. The system can recognize a staggering 10,000-plus voice data points, and It’s been calibrated using professional actors who lent their voices to bring emotional depth to the equation.

Call Center Stress

It’s getting nasty on the front lines: an influx of furious customers is barraging call-center workers, and the stress is adding up fast. A disturbing report by Japan’s UA Zensen union highlighted that nearly half of service industry workers were victims of customer harassment in the past two years.

Traumatic experiences have become all too common for staff members, who often require guidance from counselors to deal with the emotional toll.

A ray of hope breaks through the darkness, thanks to SoftBank’s solution. With plans to roll out versions in various languages for multiple markets, the company is set to launch the initial Japanese system in April next year.

A soothing voice that calms the storm of angry customer calls – that’s SoftBank’s answer to caring for call center agents and upping the ante in customer service.

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