How To Enhance Your Property Management Services With Call Center Support

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Building strong and healthy relationships with tenants is key to property management success.

When renters feel respected and know their concerns are heard, they’re more likely to abide by the rules, take care of the property, and cooperate with property managers and staff.

Tenants feel valued and satisfied when managers respond immediately to urgent issues that require their attention. In fact, according to a recent survey, 72 percent of renters say that having their property issues addressed promptly is a must. This is why property managers should have different channels of communication to stay in constant contact with tenants.

Many property management companies and landlords have turned to digital solutions such as automated chatbots to respond to frequently asked questions. Still, some tenant concerns may need specific answers or customized solutions.

That’s where call center support can be highly useful. By having a team dedicated to giving real-time, round-the-clock customer service, property managers can accomplish various tasks and improve customer experience at the same time.

Here are different ways to enhance your property management services with call center support and how to add this feature to your business.

Forming a Support Team for Your Business

Hiring experienced call center agents is a must for your property management services business. They’re on the front line, helping tenants solve problems and addressing their concerns.

Although some businesses may take on the recruitment, hiring, and training process themselves, this isn’t always the best option. It could be time to consider working with a business process outsourcing company to help you form your customer service team.

According to STAFFVIRTUAL, a BPO can connect your property management business with highly skilled call center agents. Your provider may also conduct in-depth training on property management tailored to your requirements and guidelines. They can also set up round-the-clock operations so there’s someone available to talk to your tenants, no matter what time it is anywhere around the globe.

Here are some tasks that your outsourced team may handle to support your property management services business:

Maintenance and Repair Requests

Property managers know that no matter how new or well-constructed a building is, something is bound to break down at some point. It has to be fixed as soon as possible. There’s always the likelihood of a tenant having a busted water pipe, a blown-out fuse, or mold growth in their rental, among others.

Additionally, things can go haywire at any time — for some reason, problems often seem like they only happen outside office hours. It’s not uncommon for a tenant to experience a water leak or electrical problems in the wee hours of the morning. The most common repair complaints include electrical issues, damaged pipes, air conditioning problems, and more.

To help ensure timely repairs, consider routing all maintenance and repair requests to your call center team. The agents can take calls or reply to text messages, then send the requests to the department or service provider responsible for the repairs.

During office hours, they can forward the call to your in-house maintenance team or the service provider. They may also recommend other pre-approved service providers if your in-house maintenance team has a full schedule.

Rental Inquiries and Setting Viewing Appointments

Some property managers get multiple rental inquiries in a day, especially if they’re in charge of a building that’s in a prime location. At times, it can be tricky to keep track of all these inquiries and requests to view an apartment or commercial space since property managers are constantly on the move.

Let your call center team handle inquiries or forgotten viewing appointments so there are no missed leads or forgotten points. The agents can respond to questions about the property, pre-screen potential clients, and set a viewing schedule. Meanwhile, the property managers can keep track of all appointments via an online calendar shared with the agents.

Billing and Payment Reminders

A hassle-free and timely payment process can help property managers foster a healthy relationship with tenants. Apart from offering flexible rent and mobile payment options, property managers may also set up a system to remind tenants when rent is due.

Through call center support, BPO workers can send tenants payment reminders through email or text a few weeks before the due date. They may also send billing statements, as well as notices if there are going to be changes to the payment process.

Fostering Strong Property Manager-Tenant Relationships With Call Center Support

Property managers can form a strong partnership with their tenants by addressing issues in a prompt manner and keeping the lines of communication open. With call center support, your property management business can save valuable time and resources.

At the same time, your tenants feel valued and cared for. Talk to an experienced call center support provider to know more and see how adding BPO support to your business can pave the way toward a better relationship with your tenants.

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