Assured Fire and Security Boosts Growth with BigChange Mobile Tech thumbnail

Assured Fire and Security, the Essex-based installer of electronic fire and security systems, is driving nationwide growth using the latest mobile working technology from BigChange.. Introduces GALE to Drive Enterprise Use of Advanced Gen AI thumbnail has announced the launch of GALE, it’s first-of-its-kind GenAI platform. Designed to accelerate AI application development, GALE could potentially reduce production time by up to 50%.

Amazon Introduces New AI Chatbot ‘Rufus’ for US Consumers thumbnail

Amazon has rolled out Rufus, an AI chatbot now available to shoppers across the US, through the Amazon mobile app. Rufus’ proficiency is built upon Amazon’s extensive product catalog and customer feedback..

How to Ensure Your Contact Center Does Not Breach Privacy Rules thumbnail

In light of the recent lawsuit taken against Talkdesk Customer Patagonia, businesses need to ensure that their contact centers are compliant with privacy laws. Here’s our guide on how to protect your contact center..

How To Improve Customer Service for Courier Services thumbnail

As people want fast and dependable deliveries more than ever before, their expectations of good service keep increasing. Here are some ways for the courier industry to improve its customer service..

Adamo Dials Up Customer Satisfaction as Sabio Partnership Sparks Telecom Triumph thumbnail

Adamo, a leading provider of high-speed internet services, has recorded remarkable improvements in customer service levels in partnership with Sabio Group. In a project that has demonstrated the power of automation..

How Multimodal AI Interfaces Will Revolutionize CX

How Multimodal AI Interfaces Will Revolutionize CX thumbnail

The next evolution of human-machine interaction could bring about real, unprecedented synergy between humans and machines – with CX as the obvious beneficiary, writes Avaya’s Tvrtko Stosic..

What is a Customer Experience Manager?

What is a Customer Experience Manager? thumbnail

As companies wise up to the importance of keeping customers happy, the role of Customer Experience Manager has shifted from a supporting player to a starring role, with businesses seeking out CX experts..

GEM Rolls-Out BigChange Mobile Tech for Building Services Contracts thumbnail

GEM Environmental Building Services has rolled-out a job management system from BigChange. The cloud-based, 6-in-1 solution live links engineers in the field with back-office management systems providing real-time..

Home Group Transforms Contact Centre Operations With Business Systems Ltd thumbnail

Home Group has partnered with Business Systems Ltd, an industry expert in digital communications solutions, to help transform its contact centre operations, achieving a ROI within six months of implementation..

DORA’s Knocking: Will Financial Services Organisations Weather the Storm? thumbnail

As the winds of regulatory change sweep across the financial services landscape in the UK and Europe, a new force is fast approaching: DORA, the Digital Operational Resilience Act..

Sigma Connected Announces Its First International Customer Service Operation From Cape Town Township thumbnail

Outsourcing specialist Sigma Connected has announced it is working with E.ON Next to relocate 100 employees to Sigma Connected’s Mitchells Plain offices, based in the township to the south of Cape Town..

Personalisation Perfected: Unlocking Customer Loyalty thumbnail

Today, businesses are scrambling to find the secret sauce for meaningful engagement. Enter ContactBabel’s latest report, ‘The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Engagement & Personalisation 2024-25’..

Using Virtual Assistants to Provide Great Customer Service in Your Medical Practice thumbnail

Patients expect prompt responses, personalized attention, and efficient service when they reach out to your clinic. This is where virtual assistants can play a key role in enhancing the customer service experience..

How to Provide Exceptional Automotive Customer Service thumbnail

Whether you run a dealership or an auto repair shop, the way you treat your customers directly impacts your reputation and success. Here’s our guide on how to deliver exceptional automotive customer service.

Building a Connected Customer Experience at Every Stage of the Customer Journey thumbnail

This article explores how to build a connected customer experience by leveraging customer engagement tools, understanding the stages of the customer journey, and effectively using customer data..

Leeds Building Society Partners with Sabio to Improve Contact Centre Operations thumbnail

Sabio has secured a multi-year contract with Leeds Building Society which will drive innovation in its contact centre, and improve customer care for the Society’s members..

The 5 Pillars of Customer Service

The 5 Pillars of Customer Service thumbnail

Crafting memorable experiences that hook customers from the start is what sets exceptional businesses apart from the rest. Here are five essential building blocks for success..

ESP Group Achieves Transformative CX Improvements With Sabio Group thumbnail

ESP Group, the experienced and proven contact centre outsourcing partner, has successfully transformed its CX and positioned itself for significant growth in a strategic partnership with Sabio..