New Enhancements to Avaya Experience Platform Elevate CX

Contact center agent using Avaya Experience Platform

Avaya has unveiled a series of important enhancements to the Avaya Experience Platform (AXP), that further Avaya’s leadership in Enterprise CX as well as its commitment to delivering Innovation without Disruption.

Avaya’s robust and comprehensive CX platform, trusted by large Enterprises globally, empowers customers to maintain their core capabilities while evolving through flexible innovation paths, including on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid deployment models.

By offering flexible integration options and enabling customers to leverage third-party solutions through APIs and SDKs, Avaya delivers superior outcomes while providing customers the freedom to innovate and customise their experience, building on top of what already works for them.

Avaya’s innovation roadmap includes using AI and analytics to orchestrate exceptional customer journeys by harnessing data from interactions across multiple vendor touchpoints and applications, and using these to intelligently streamline customer experiences, drive efficiency, and deliver superior outcomes.

Avaya is also simplifying and elevating the employee experience by unifying existing on-premises capabilities with new cloud-powered innovations into a single, modern agent desktop. This streamlined interface blends voice, digital, and AI-enabled interactions, empowering agents to deliver superior customer experiences more efficiently.

Today’s announcements, made at Avaya’s Engage event, reinforce Avaya’s unwavering dedication to shaping the future of Enterprise CX. These developments, guided by valuable customer insights, serve to enrich the entire spectrum of the customer journey and are crafted to further empower businesses to provide personalised customer and employee experiences, drive business growth, and set new benchmarks in the industry.

Soren Abildgaard“The new enhancements to the Avaya Experience Platform reflect a pivotal leap forward in customer and employee experience,” stated Soren Abildgaard, EVP and CTO of Avaya. “Leveraging cutting-edge AI and our comprehensive journey orchestration capabilities, our focus is to empower organisations to create personalised, proactive, and fluid experiences that not only build customer loyalty but also drive business growth.”

Last week, Avaya’s strategic plan to leverage AI for orchestrating the entire customer journey has been further solidified with the recent acquisition of Edify. This acquisition complements the latest enhancements to AXP by integrating additional workflow capabilities that leverage AI to enrich the customer journey from start to finish.

The Avaya Experience Platform has been enriched with capabilities that span the full breadth of the customer and employee experience:

Seamless Digital Access: Integration with LivePerson enhances AXP’s digital engagement and analytics, enabling smarter interactions across preferred channels and rich conversational insights.

AI Self-Service: The addition of a new “Bring Your Own Bots” framework allows businesses to choose and integrate their preferred digital assistant, ensuring intelligent consumer engagement across digital channels.

Assisted Service: Avaya Agent Assist, now available as a packaged solution, accelerates AI adoption for AXP customers through a hybrid model, providing tools that reduce agent stress and improve customer interactions.

Customer Journey Orchestration & Analytics: Harnessing its deep CX domain expertise and Microsoft’s Power BI and Copilot capabilities, Avaya has simplified analytics and data management to facilitate both real-time and historical data analysis through a unified analytics tool that seamlessly operates across cloud and hybrid environments. This enables businesses to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Workforce Engagement: Native integration of Calabrio’s capabilities into AXP increases the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions.  Similarly, Verint Bots have been seamlessly incorporated into AXP, offering significant enhancements in quality assurance, redaction, summarization, and time management.

Connected Employee: Avaya is introducing new connected employee experiences for healthcare professionals through integrations with Epic Systems.  These solutions are specifically designed to optimise healthcare workflows, enabling staff to deliver superior patient services with increased efficiency and better coordination.

Proactive Customer Care: Avaya launched the next chapter of its legendary customer service: Avaya Ada, a pioneering Generative AI-based virtual assistant that is trained on all things Avaya, offering instant, precise, and context-aware support to Avaya customers and partners.

In addition, Avaya introduced AXP Private Cloud – Extended Scale, a robust solution designed to meet the needs of its largest AXP On-Prem customers. This new offering enhances performance and capacity, allowing for a dramatic simplification and consolidation of infrastructure.

It delivers a substantial reduction in infrastructure footprint while ensuring 100% call survivability across actively separated sites. With a universal agent pool and a single system architecture, it streamlines orchestration — optimising operational efficiency and reducing costs, and it simplifies migration — enabling customers to maintain their existing capabilities and integrations while controlling security and data residency.

Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES) offers a comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessmentdesigned to help customers develop a tailored cloud migration strategy based on their unique requirements.

Omar Javaid

Omar Javaid, SVP and Chief Product Officer at Avaya, reflects on this strategy: “At Avaya, we understand that the true power of AI lies in its ability to orchestrate complex customer journeys. That’s why we’re excited about the acquisition of Edify and the enhancements to the Avaya Experience Platform. Together, with our organic development efforts, this represents significant progress in our strategic plan to use AI to deliver seamless, intuitive experiences across every touchpoint. Our ‘Open and Integrated’ approach means that we’re not just working within our own extensive suite of technologies but also collaborating with leading AI innovators to ensure that our customers have access to the most advanced, cohesive solutions available.”

If you wish to find out more, you can talk to an expert to learn how Avaya Experience Platform empowers organisations to drive innovation on their terms, balances customer experience, employee experience, and business growth initiatives from a single platform.

You can also learn more about Avaya’s acquisition of Edify, further extending its position as the leader in CX solutions for the enterprise. And to learn more about the Avaya Experience Platform enhancements and Avaya Ada, visit

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