Damage Control: CSR Hiring Mistakes

Monica L. Jenks advises how to avoid common interview mistakes when hiring CSRs..

Three Steps to Customer Experience Transformation

Martin Scovell investigates customer experience from the inside, and identifies three steps that will transform your organization..

There’s much shouting about how ‘unfair’ Trip Advisor are and how annoying it is to get bad reviews, so I feel compelled to put the record straight..

iAdvize Launches Live Chat Solutions in the UK

iAdvize continues to roll out across Europe. Next stop: the United Kingdom. iAdvize Live ChatiAdvize, the real-time customer service specialist, is launching its live chat and free call-back solutions in the UK. The company was founded in 2010 and is now the leading live chat solution in France with more than 1000 clients throughout Europe. [...]

If you’d like to have a better return on your money, you have to focus on the customer experience. If you do, customers will spend money with you and will come back more often.

CustVox Launch Free CEM Maturity Assessment Tool

Innovative online tool helps measure CEM maturity..

The International Council of Customer Service Organizations (ICCSO) has recognized ADP Employer Services for its professional excellence in customer service..

Ron Rosenberg gives us some important lessons on the importance of providing legendary service..

Home Deliveries Optimized for the Holiday Season

Paragon HDS Software helps meet customers demands. As more and more customers demand convenient delivery time slots, Paragon ‘HDS’ software is allowing shoppers to choose a delivery slot to suit them. Many of the UK’s high street retailers, including some well-known names in the electronics, catalogue and home furnishings sectors, will be busy planning their [...]

Customer Centric Service – How to Become a Customer Focused Organization thumbnail

how does an organization take a customer centric approach to it’s strategy? Here are five key steps to implementing a customer centric model and achieving customer centricity for your business..

Top Ten Customer Service Duties

Customer service isn’t just about listening to customers and resolving their problems when needed. Learn more about the key roles and responsibilities in this article..

When it comes to measuring the success of your customer service operation choosing the right set of metrics is essential..

Five Tips for Effective Social Customer Service

As customer service and social media blend to provide a new platform for providing customer care, Belinda Gannaway looks at the key success factors..

Mellon Poland and Mellon Bulgaria win at Contact Center World Awards with Altitude-Powered Outbound Campaigns..

Customer Service: The Choice is Yours

What’s that famous line; “the customer is always right, and if you ever doubt this refer to rule number one,” and whereas we read such quotes and smile, there is a very valuable lesson in all of this..

5 Ways to Develop Long Lasting Customer Relationships

There are several ways you can develop relationships with your customers that will last a lifetime..

Six Major Customer Service Trends

Being aware of the underlying trends in customer service is essential for the success of any business. Here are Micah Solomon’s top six trends. Customer Service Trend #1 Customers Expect Anticipatory Technological Behavior and Aggregated Information — Instantly. Today’s customers aren’t willing to search for information, or to wait too long in line to get [...]

The real issue for most people and organizations is that sellers should serve more and servers should sell more. Learn more in this article by Guy Arnold..

Keys To Exceptional Customer Service

Amy Shouse learns a lot about customer service – on a canoe trip..