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CRM Software Guide

Are you looking for a brief overview of Customer Relationship Management and CRM Software? You’re in the right place.

CRM or Customer relationship management is in great demand today and has become a talk-topic of market.

Customer relationship management generally focuses on management of the customer resource such as mails, online finds, accounts, transactions etc. and makes it very easy for customers to perform all their operations without sacrificing their jobs and money.

CRM is used in the combination with marketing automation software that helps in making all these functionalities easy and possible so that there is no need to struggle to find perfect business solutions.

CRM software is considered as an essential piece of the equipment for all types of companies and organizations that want to achieve maximum return on marketing, and to fully capitalize their sales prospects and leads.

Customer Relationship Management software also helps in cultivating ongoing and lifetime relationships with the current and well established customers. It also helps in integrating all the data about sales leads, associated companies, current customers, and employees all over various departments.

CRM enables all enterprises to handle sales, marketing, and customer services as single package. It not only helps in retention or handling of all existing customers, but also helps in maintaining prospects, sales leads, and new orders.

CRM software is just not a type of option, but it is a necessary and acts as an integral part of modern business that wants to maximize their revenue and want to continue growth of their business.

Some of the important CRM software is given below:


SugarCRM or Sugar Open Source software enables all the sales, support and marketing organizations to manage the customer interactions efficiently and more profitably.

It can be used by both small as well as large companies worldwide. This software is platform agnostic, and is treated as least complex, most cost efficient and most portable, CRM or customer relationship management solution. It has been built natively on the platform of LAMP that includes Linux, MySQL, Apache, and PHP stack. The Sugar Open Source software can be deployed very easily in virtually any kind of environment.

This type of CRM is cost-effective and mature endeavor, and is better than traditional and proprietary applications that are very expensive to rent and buy. Whenever a commercial grade type of CRM application is build that is based on combined ideas and other resources from the CRM developers all over the globe, then one can produce a better and more revolutionary type of product than any other kind of proprietary software.

The business model of Sugar CRM open source software is more efficient as compared to the classic approach that is used in building of the proprietary CRM software. SugarCRM open source software can be downloading and installed for free.


This software is treated as one of the pioneer software that is used as a kind of the service model for distributing business software.

Her access to business software is provided through subscription basis. It is best known for providing Customer Relationship Management products, and delivers businesses over internet using SaaS model. Sales force is broken down into some modules like Sales, support, Service, Partner Relationship Management, content, Marketing, Ideas and Analytics.

All the applications here are built using the Apex that is a proprietary and Java-like programming language and Visual force that is an XML-like syntax used for building user interfaces HTML, flex, or AJAX.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps in providing web-enabled management solutions for customer relationship to perform the task of automating day to day tasks for customer service, sales, field service, marketing professionals, and call centre.

It helps in strengthening customer loyalty, empowering sales, marketing and managing customer service teams. Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in various versions used for installation, these are: Work Group edition, professional edition, enterprise edition, and service provider edition..

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