Customer Service and Sales – A Great Partnership?

Customer service agent selling on the phone

Could Customer Service and Sales work together for you?

Some say customer service and sales are two entirely different entities, others believe customer service can play a key role in the sales function.

Where you stand depends on two things; how skilled and sales motivated your customer service reps are and how much confidence your sales management has in allowing CSRs to “sell” to customers.

Whichever approach you may take, one thing is for sure; customer service must must never take second place to “making a sale”. So can a combination of both ever work?

Customer Service and Sales could work in your company if your customer service representatives (CSRs):

– Feel comfortable selling to customers, in addition to serving them

– Have sufficient product or service knowledge to sell to customers

– Have been trained in “upselling”, Ie., recommending products

– Are rewarded in line with the sales team when customer service sales are made

If these conditions are made, customer service and sales could be combined to work for your business!

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