American Airlines Enhance Customer Experience

NICE SmartCenter suite helps American Airlines respond quickly.

NICE Systems and American Airlines today announced that American Airlines is achieving improvements in customer experience following a successful deployment of the integrated best-of-breed applications of the NICE SmartCenter suite, including NICE Interaction Analytics solution.

The deployment also included NICE Recording and NICE Quality Management and follows American Airlines’ earlier implementation of NICE IEX Workforce Management.

The systems NICE offers enable American to rely on these behind-the-scene capabilities to efficiently monitor and analytically assess the individual and collective experiences of its customers when they contact American’s reservations and customer support centers.

The value-add that NICE solutions delivered to American include being able to find better ways to understand trends in customer calls and how to more effectively provide services to them. Additionally, the system has been leveraged to assist management in making key process improvement decisions.

Bella Goren, American Airlines’ Senior Vice President, Customer Relationship Marketing and Reservations, said, “With American’s strong focus on continually enhancing our customers’ experience, the NICE system and its advanced interaction analytics capabilities are helping us to efficiently identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.”

“The integrated best-in-class suite of applications offered by NICE helps enterprises deal with customer satisfaction from an operational and strategic point of view, and we are seeing more and more organizations recognize the strong added value and quick return on investment offered by the NICE solutions,” said Barak Eilam, Chief Business Officer, Americas, at NICE.

“The fact that American Airlines chose NICE to replace their previous recording and quality management systems speaks to the strength of our suite. In addition, the advanced interaction analytics capabilities we offer support American’s efforts in enhancing the overall effectiveness of its contact centers.” Info

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