Address Book 4.0 CRM-Lite Now Available in Streetsmart

InfoStreet’s flagship CRM software gets an upgrade.

InfoStreet Inc. this week announces that their flagship software, StreetSmart is receiving an upgrade to its Address Book application.

The new upgrade, called Address Book 4.0 is due in large part to client demand for a highly-scaled back CRM system.

In addition, users continue to have the freedom that come with anytime, anywhere access to all of their important contacts as well as the security of knowing that their crucial data is centralized and routinely backed up.

As Web-delivered software, this enhancement will be instantly available to all current (and future) users.

Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet, explains:

“We heard from many of our very small business clients that they didn’t really need all the power, reporting, and additional cost burdens of a CRM system. Clients wanted to “get by” using their own address book. However, the problem is that most address books don’t offer enough customizable fields, so companies invariably have resorted to spreadsheets and email which cost them dearly in no time. To offer an alternative for these clients, we created Address Book 4.0 which offers a high-powered address book, complete with customizable fields – all at no extra cost.”

Highlights of the new upgrade include:

Information Groupings

Information is grouped according to type for faster discovery
One-click Information Additions and Deletions

Adding or deleting additional contact information is now as easy as clicking on a [+] or [-] button

Unlimited Custom Fields

Custom fields can be created on the fly in order to collect and store exactly what is needed about each contact

Display Customization

Users select the information they would like to view at-a-glance with the new and easy display customization feature

Address Book 4.0 (CRM-Lite) provides small businesses with all the power they need for a centralized contact repository. For added convenience and improved workflow, each user has their own address book which they can elect to share with other users in the company. This feature is especially useful for teams collaborating on projects with shared vendors or other business/project contacts.

About InfoStreet

InfoStreet is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. It introduced its first Software as a Service solution in 1995. InfoStreet’s flagship offering, StreetSmart, delivers Small Business Management Software which increases employee performance, strengthens customer relationships, improves communication, and reduces costs. StreetSmart includes such web-based applications as Virus Protected and SPAM Free Email, Email Archiving, Shared Calendars, Tasks, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), File Sharing, Knowledge Base, Portal, and more. Info:

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