5 Star Service vs. 4 Star Service – What’s the Difference?

5-stars is not an award, it’s a declaration to your team that good is not good enough and only excellence will do.

It is necessary in this economic climate to develop stronger relationships that create a long-term backbone for the company.

Memorable Encounters – Every Time!

Here are four ways we can leave our customers with a positive lasting impression.

New Strategies for Contact Centers

An important focus of any effective leader is to improve the day-to-day operating capabilities of the contact center.

Do you know how much your customers are helping you survive the downturn?

Dispelling Customer Loyalty Myths

Learn about the myths of gaining, satisfying and keeping loyal customers.

Mystery Shopping Ideas for Your Business

Is your store or business really delivering the best service? Find out with a spot of mystery shopping.

Keep Your Customers Blissed Out & Excited

By keeping your customers engaged you will become your very own marketing department.

Creative Customer Service Strategies

Here are some simple practices that you might add to your customer service routine.

Honesty really is the best customer care policy. Find out how you can get your customers to trust you.

Find out how to attract and retain loyal customers in five easy steps.

Companies should not forget the fundamentals of customer service, which is to “Serve The Customer”.

The Year of the Customer – Are You Ready?

Even after a recession, when businesses have been closing and people have been laid off, customer service is still terrible!

Great customer relationships are fine. But a satisfied customer is no longer enough. Learn more in this article by Darby Checketts.

In Difficult Times, Keep Your Customers Happy

Drew Stevens highlights the unconscious subtleties that will help separate your organization, make you different, maintain client loyalty and keep your profits.

If you think customer relationship management is just a piece of software, you’re dead wrong.

Where Legendary Customer Service Begins

It may seem amazing that the solution to achieving legendary customer care does not lie in some “slogan driven” training program, but rather in a simple two-step process.

There’s never been a time when great customer service mattered more than it does now.

Customer No Service – How to Lose a Loyal Customer

I’m a loyal customer, but today was the day when I almost stopped going to my favorite supermarket. Here’s why.