Using Video to Improve Customer Service

Customer service videoLearn how video can enhance the quality of the customer experience.

Maintaining a high standard of customer service while minimizing costs is a challenge.

With the significant volume of service calls in the tech industry, it’s impressive that Dell credits video with reducing service call volumes by 5%, while Virgin Mobile expects video to reduce call volumes in the future.

With expenses ranging from five to fifty dollars each, customer service calls can be pricey and time-consuming.

This is especially true when an estimated 30% of inbound calls are repeats. Using video to deliver service provides a cost-effective solution for retailers and higher satisfaction for customers.

Video Enhances the Quality of the Customer Experience

From the customer’s perspective, a bad service experience is more than enough motivation to find an alternative. The most complained about aspect of customer service calls is the inconvenient wait for a customer service agent to get on the line.

It’s not economically feasible to overstaff your customer service department, especially when wait times can be eliminated with the use of service videos.

Through video, support is accessible to customers anywhere they take their smartphone, regardless if it’s 2 a.m. or if 200 other people also need a question answered at the same time. Who doesn’t get frustrated by waiting on hold for a few minutes or more to speak with a customer service rep?

Do your customers a favor and offer an alternate, non robotic interaction that answers their questions efficiently. Offer them video. If they really miss the hold music, they can always download it from iTunes.

Long wait times are only one unnecessary inconvenience experienced by customers. Communication difficulties and technical failures can essentially be eliminated with the use of video. Service videos allow you to provide information in any language, and with subtitles, ready for the customer at all times.

Your customers won’t fall victim to bad cell reception or accidental dropped calls. Even if these aren’t the fault of the company, such instances can be frustrating for customers. Keep your customers happy by providing them with a service solution that accommodates their needs on their schedule.

A service strategy should span on and offline to create the optimal customer experience. Digital shoppers have high expectations for their online experience, and, if you don’t deliver, they are not willing to stick around. In fact, 70% of web-centric consumers would turn to a competitor after a poor online experience (Point of Sale News).

Non-product centered videos such as tutorials on how to best use online resources like bill payment or account management have become a key to improving the customer’s online experience. Essentially, videos improve the customer experience by empowering them to make more informed decisions; therefore, increasing satisfaction while reducing returns and service calls.

Video Reduces Costs for the Business

It’s less expensive in the long run to house an array of videos that answer specific customer questions rather than keep an army of expert Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) on hand at all times.

A service video gallery can be adjusted and adapted to emerging consumer demands to provide the most up-to date information and relevant help topics. When customers do call tech support, CSRs are able to direct callers to online videos, therefore reducing the amount of time they spend on each call.

Complex products leave customers with a wealth of questions that increase as they become more familiar with the product. Impact Learning reports that an estimated 30% of calls coming into the average call center are repeat customer calls.

Reducing the number of repeat calls through suggesting online video substantially lowers customer service costs. If 100,000 calls, at $20 per call, come in every quarter, and call volume can be decreased by 10%, you’ll save $200,000 every three months. Large companies can quickly save millions.

Service Video Benefits Your Customer and Your Business

We all know that excellent service is essential to a successful business. One leader in the mobile industry is exceeding customer expectations by incorporating customer service videos within introductory emails. The company proactively equips customers with video instruction right as they begin to set up their new phones in order to avoid basic service calls.

Video communicates a step-by-step process with complete clarity and is more effective than text instructions which leave room for interpretation and ambiguity. In addition, most customers who would never read a product manual will watch a video.

Impress your customers with outstanding service that differentiates you from the competition. Explore the many different ways video can be used for service on your website and start to realize the savings. With adequate planning time, you have the opportunity to deliver an effective video that enhances service while creating a more positive experience for the customer and saving money for your company.

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