What is ‘Legendary Service’?

Legendary Service. Many organizations use this phrase to describe and promote their service. But how many have really earned it?

Satisfy Your Customers through Compromise

To keep customers in today’s competitive business market you must develop a more collaborative style.

Handling customer complaints well can positively boost your profits. Here is a 7 point action plan for success.

How Much Service Is Too Much Service?

We all want to give our customers great service, but do we know how great it should be? Read on to learn more.

In this article you’ll find nine steps for facing and dispelling a customer’s anger.

Look on the Bright Side: Customer Feedback

We all lose customers from time to time, but what we can we learn from it?

Customer Expectations vs. Customer Needs

The first rule of stellar service delivery is: Service is all about expectations. In this article you will learn how to shape your people and processes to deliver a level of service that exceeds these expectations.

4 Ways You Can Handle Customer Service Better

Here are four things you can do that will give you control, confidence and success in dealing with customer service issues.

More than satisfaction, customer emotion is the underpinning factor in the customer experience. Joe España explains.

Don’t take ‘captive customers’ for granted. They deserve the best service you can provide.

Embrace Your Customer’s Complaints

Delivery of high quality customer service is, in truth only as complicated as we make it. One of the simplest ways to deliver high quality service is by embracing customer complaints. Learn more in this article.

Make Your Customers Feel Like Stars!

Here are six secrets from the world of celebrity that will get your customers buzzing about you.

Turning Difficult Customers into Raving Fans

Three ways to deal with difficult customers and more importantly, turn them into raving fans of your product or service.

Why Customer Focus Differentiates

Discover the benefits of customer focus and the link with customer loyalty and profitability.

The Top Ten Customer Service Tips

Do you want to keep your customers coming back for more? Take a look at these top ten customer service tips.

The A to Z of Customer Service

Follow these alphabetical tips to provide high quality service, along with a dash of fun for customers.

Customer Service is a PACT

Delight your customers by keeping your side of the PACT and your customers will keep theirs.

How to Prevent Turnover in Your Call Center

With average staff attrition rates hitting 50%, now is the time to take action to prevent high turnover in your call center.

Difficult Customers – There’s No Such Thing

Change the way you think about customers and you’ll find they are not so difficult after all.