Meet the Science Superstars of Customer Service!

Guest Services

Sometimes customer service teams go far beyond the call of duty to delight their customers. One such team is the Guest Services team at the South Florida Science Center..

What Do Your Customers Think about You?

customer listening

Find out how your customers view the service they receive and you will be able to deliver that little bit extra..

Mobile Customer Service

According to analysts, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience by 2016, compared with only 36% five years ago...

5 Ways to Handle Customer Complaints

Customer complaining

Learn how to handle customer complaints the right way and turn a bad experience into one that will result in a long lasting customer relationship..

4 Steps to Successful Customer Service


It’s amazing to see the contrasts of successful companies that dot our history to the newer companies of recent history up to today. Despite the contrasts, they all have one thing in common. They are relentlessly focused on customer service..

Jottings from a CEO Note Book: How to Get (and Stay) in Touch with Your Customers thumbnail

For a CEO to lose touch with what his customers want, need and feel is a surefire route to failure. Happily, establishing effective contact with customers is incredibly straightforward. Here's how..


Multichannel support sounds good – instead of contacting a company on a business hours-only support line, customers have more choices. But is the multi-channel model effective in helping customers and the companies that serve them resolve issues more quickly?

How Good Customer Service = Conversions

Conversation rate

This infographic from Zendesk walks through different channels and gives examples where companies can either do the right or wrong thing when it comes to providing excellent customer service..

How Customer Care Can Boost Your Sales and Increase Your Profits thumbnail

This is a story from my personal experience that showed me that caring for customers really can boost your sales and profits...

What Is the Velocity of Your Customer Service?

What Is the Velocity of Your Customer Service? thumbnail

What comes to mind when you hear the word velocity? Fast, charging ahead, positive motion - velocity is a power word. Learn how velocity applies to the customer service experience...

Six Ways Leaders Can Give Great Customer Service

Customer with cashier in retail store

Why is great or even decent customer service so difficult to implement? Read on to learn how leaders can instill a sense of attention to the customer...

10 Things Your Customers Really Want You to Know!

Customers giving feedback

Delighted and loyal customers - we all want them. But first, there are a few things that your customers want you to know. Once you understand these points, they’ll be more likely to spend their money with you...