Where Legendary Customer Service Begins

It may seem amazing that the solution to achieving legendary customer care does not lie in some “slogan driven” training program, but rather in a simple two-step process.

There’s never been a time when great customer service mattered more than it does now.

Customer No Service – How to Lose a Loyal Customer

I’m a loyal customer, but today was the day when I almost stopped going to my favorite supermarket. Here’s why.

In this article you will learn how to start building true loyalty that delivers sustainable financial rewards.

How to avoid anger spiraling out of control on the telephone.

Learn how internal customer service is a crucial element for any organization.

Customer retention has always been one of the most cost effective ways to increase business revenue.

How to Improve Your Surveys to Obtain Better Results

Make sure you are not missing out on useful customer feedback.

One of the keys to providing better customer service is to keep your Call Center Agents up to date.

Thank You Notes – Are They a Thing of the Past?

Sometimes it’s the simple approach that means the most to customers and colleagues.

Turn around negative expectations by keeping marketplace promises.

Supplier-Customer Relationship: A Case Study

In this article George F. Brown, Jr. presents a supplier-customer relationship case study for analysis.

Customer Service Lessons From a Sweaty Guy

Never overlook the importance of first impressions and employee recognition.

Aligning these key areas of business is essential when dealing with customers.

How Job Satisfaction Can Affect Customer Loyalty

Do not underestimate the power of job satisfaction when keeping your customers loyal.

How Do You Define a Customer?

Can you define the word customer? What does it mean to be a customer for your business?

Learn about the importance of having an “ask strategy” and how to implement it.

Your Company’s Bottom Line is Tied to Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that you can measure a company’s value by its customer service?

50 Ways to Invigorate Your Customer Service

Is your service “in”? Are people “into” what you have to offer them? Here are 50 ways to make your service the “in” place to be.