Keeping the Personal Touch Improves Customer Retention

Improving your customer service skills is very simple and the payoffs are almost immediate.

Kristina EveyCustomers are willing to spend more money on a product that they know is inferior based on the feeling that they are being treated well.

Contrary to popular belief, buying decisions are not based on price, but by the feeling that the customer gets when they do business with us.

Now, there are some customers who purely price shop, but they are not the majority.

What customers really want is good customer service. When you train your staff, be sure to have them understand their role in the company and the customer experience.

When staff realizes this, if you’ve hired right, you will awaken the entrepreneur in them.

They’ll understand that the way that they treat the customer will have the biggest influence on whether or not that customer returns to your business.

Customers really appreciate when personal attention is paid to them. They enjoy being treated politely and courteously.

The first thing that most people notice today is that so many businesses don’t train to their staff to greet customers warmly, to make eye contact with them, or even to smile at them.

Consumers strongly feel, and rightly so, that when they are spending their money in a place of business, they should expect to be treated courteously and feel appreciated. Why then, is the perception that good customer service is a lost art?

The smart businesses today are training their staff to value and treasure their customers. The staff clearly understands that if they don’t treat their customers well, they will no longer have customers, therefore, the business will not be sustainable.

  • What are some of the simplest ways to show your customers that you value them?
  • Smile at them and genuinely greet them.
  • Get to know your customers names and preferences.
  • Learn how your customers use your products and services.
  • Ask for their ideas and suggestions on how to improve or change your products or business.
  • Develop a set of customer service minimum standards within your company.

None of these customer service tips here cost any money at all. They can be implemented with your very next customer and will have an immediate payoff of a strengthened customer relationship.

When the relationship is stronger, the customer will be much more likely to return to you and will develop loyalty over time provided your service is consistently centered around the customer.

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Kristina Evey is improving the way companies connect with their customers and increase their profits, she is an accomplished speaker and trainer on Customer Satisfaction and Retention.

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