Three Ways to Make Customer Service Surveys Fun!

In this article, Geraldine Verzo suggests three ways to ensure your customer surveys get noticed – and filled out.

Survey DesignI’ve never had fun answering a customer service survey form until today. They gave me this bigger than bond-size folio style form at the fast food chain, Jollibee.

It looked so interesting visually that instead of my usual reaction (oh-it’s-one-of-those-boring-question-n-answer-survey-forms-again); I read it right away and started answering. Survey forms don’t always have to look so drab, right?

Well, this one was fun.

It was colorful and had cartoon type characters in it. The text was big; I didn’t have to squint my eyes reading the questions.

Choices were pictures instead of words. So for the question “Where have you been just before you came to this fast food chain?” You have to tick the circle below the picture of a house, a school, an office, a church, etc. for your answer. If your answer wasn’t any of the choices, you write your answer on a blank space provided for it.

I found the thread of questions fun, even if I felt like I was being stalked a little. I think Jollibee’s customers wouldn’t mind spending their precious minutes to fill them out.

So after that experience, I think survey forms should be customer-friendly.

How can they be so? Here are my three suggestions:

1) Make them visually appealing like they are print ads themselves – colorful, creative, and unique. The shape doesn’t always have to be square.

2) Make them easy on the eyes with big, readable text, and a smooth lay-out. Use one that won’t strain the eyes.

3) Phrase the questions in such a way that they sound fun. Ask non-stressful questions with hints of humor so answering them is exciting – and in the end make customers feel happy their answers will help the business or company’s product improve.

Customers should feel that spending their precious time filling-out survey forms is worthwhile and at the same time fun!

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Geraldine Verzo is a freelance writer who is always on the look out for great customer service!

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