CCI Kenya on the Importance of Effective Training and Development for Contact Centre Staff – With Rishi Jatania thumbnail

CCI Kenya is successfully disrupting the African BPO landscape in Kenya and the wider CCI Global across Africa. Here they explain the importance of effective training and development for contact centre staff..

Simplify Your Contact Centre Management With CTI Integration for Dynamics CRM thumbnail

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is revolutionizing the way contact centres are managed around the world. By leveraging existing CRM features, CTI provides a single interface to automate customer interactions..

Introducing Claude: The New AI Assistant for Contact Centers thumbnail

Claude’s integration with the Zoom platform allows contact center agents to seamlessly transition from AI-assisted interactions to live video calls. This feature is particularly useful for complex inquiries..

Handling Customer Complaints: Waitstaff’s Essential Guide thumbnail

In the fast-paced and demanding world of food service, it is crucial for waiters and waitresses to handle customer complaints in a professional and effective manner. Learn more in our essential guide for waitstaff..

Calabrio Appoints New CTO to Spearhead True-Cloud AI Innovation thumbnail

Calabrio today announced the appointment of Joel Martins as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), spearheading Calabrio ONE’s true-cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI)I solutions and customer-centric innovation..

How to Give Support to Vulnerable Customers: Essential Tips and Guide thumbnail

Vulnerable customers require a unique approach, as they often face financial, emotional, or accessibility challenges that can hinder their ability to navigate through various products and services..

Interview with Jennifer Wells – VP of Customer Experience, Transcom thumbnail

Sabio recently interviewed Jennifer Wells, VP of Customer Experience, Transcom. In this interview, Jennifer explains the importance of listening to your advisors and arming them with up-to-date CX technology..

The Importance of Specialized Customer Service

The Importance of Specialized Customer Service thumbnail

In this article, we will explore the concept of specialized customer service and its importance in meeting the unique needs of different types of customers. We will also discuss some practical strategies..

Ideas to Improve Your Customer Service

Ideas to Improve Your Customer Service thumbnail

Here you will learn how to improve customer communication and use technology to reduce bureaucracy and create a pleasant shopping experience. You will make a difference in the marketplace with the proper tools..

Customer Experience Engineering Demystified: An In-Depth Look thumbnail

Customer Experience Engineering is a growing field that focuses on designing, managing, and improving the interactions between a company and its customers. CXE seeks to ensure that every touchpoint..

SevenRooms Selected as a Marriott International Preferred Restaurant Technology Provider thumbnail

SevenRooms, a guest experience and retention platform for the hospitality industry, today announced its agreement with Marriott International to become a preferred restaurant technology provider..

Empowering People: Interview with Leigh Hopwood, CEO, CCMA thumbnail

At Disrupt 2023, Sabio interviewed Leigh Hopwood, Chief Executive Officer, CCMA, on the importance of providing contact centre advisors with the right tools to do the job. Watch the full interview here..

The Psychology of Customer Service: The Secret to Happy Customers thumbnail

Understanding the psychology of customer service can help businesses create customer experiences that not only meet expectations but also exceed them. This, in turn, fosters customer loyalty and positive word..

Handling Customer Experience During Hyper-Growth, When Change Is the Only Constant thumbnail

Phil Dean, Global Head of Support and Services at Deel, explains how bringing customer support teams in-house elevates customer experience. Here, he focuses on several key areas to understand how..

What Are the Three Pillars of B2B Customer Support for Fintechs? thumbnail

More businesses are recognising the value of outstanding customer service. In fact, 88% of companies now prioritise customer experience in their contact centres. Cédric Galins, Head of Customer Support & Services, Mangopay..

Sigma Connected Recognised as a Top UK Employer by the Sunday Times thumbnail

Business outsourcing provider Sigma Connected has been named as one of the UK’s top employers in this year’s prestigious The Sunday Times Best Places to Work survey..

What Sets the Best Contact Center Services Apart? You May Be Surprised thumbnail

When selecting a contact center to assist your company, you want more than outsourced services. You want a partnership: a team of agents and managers that you would have been happy to hire..

Sabio Group Unveils New Interaction Analytics Solution Aimed at Fuelling Digital Transformation thumbnail

Sabio, the digital customer experience (CX) specialist, has launched a new solution aimed at fuelling an organisation’s digital transformation strategy by surfacing actionable insights from customer interactions..

Samaritans Trains Over 1,500 Customer Facing Staff in Supporting Vulnerable Customers thumbnail

This Mental Health Awareness Week Samaritans, the charity for suicide prevention, is reminding businesses of the importance of supporting their employees in having conversations with vulnerable customers..