Excellent Customer Service for Ungrateful Customers

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Even when dealing with ungrateful customers, give the best that you have to give.

This is just a short story of my experience in the natural food store one day as I was looking for some relief from flu-like symptoms. This story is an example of how ungrateful people can be in the social mirror to others who are only trying to assist them in their shopping experience.

As a reminder, the social mirror or as I like to term – The Cares of the World – is filled with people who are stressed, upset, uptight, sad, mad, etc. because of allowing the external to determine their internal conditioning.

As I was saying, I was at the natural food store talking to a very nice gentleman who was an employee helping me find some products to help me get over flu-like symptoms. While he was talking to me, a lady walked up by him. He did not see her and she did want to get by us. In order for her to get by and get his attention, all she had to do was say “Excuse Me.” However, when he turned around and noticed she wanted to get by he said, “Excuse me Maam, I did not know you wanted to get by.”

After he apologized to her, the lady had this pained, disgusted look on her face and she was shaking her head and she just proceeded on which I thought was very rude on her part. It was rude on her part because he didn’t know that he was blocking her path so that she could shop for whatever she was looking for. All she had to do was open her sad and tired look on her face and say excuse me.

About fifteen seconds later he asked if she needed assistance because she was carrying a lot of things in her hand. He asked, “Maam, could I get you a basket to help with you carrying your products?” She was very rude in her answer and demeanor and stated she doesn’t need any help. Which is fine. But, it is how it was done.

This whole incident only shows how ungrateful people can actually be and how tough it is to be in any type of customer service position and helping a public that can be ungrateful at times. This gentleman did an excellent job and he did very well to compose himself and just proceeded on assisting me as if nothing happened.

I am sure deep down inside he was thinking how ungrateful this lady was by being rude to his offers of genuine help and service. However, in customer service, it comes with the territory that people will be ungrateful sometimes. And, if you cannot handle that as far as being in the customer service profession, then it is not a profession that you need to be in.

You have to expect that people will be ungrateful; however, you still have to give the best customer service that you can possibly give. Doing this speaks loudly of the organization that you are a part of and it speaks much more loudly of the type of person that you are.

Therefore, give the best that you have to give at all times. For the most part, people will be grateful you gave them excellent service. However, there will be times where people will not appreciate the excellent service that you give them. In your travels, don’t let it get to you.

Just remember what people do and say to you is the karma that they will have to live with. How you react to what they say and do will be the karma that you will have to live with. Give your best and that will be exactly what you get in return. Don’t worry when you get it, it will come when you least expect it.

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