7 Tough Customer Service Questions

It’s time to brush up on your problem solving skills by answering seven of the top tough customer service questions.

The Five Diamonds of Customer Service Leadership

The Wentworth Mansion has received the Five Diamond Award for four consecutive years. The hotel’s success is attributed to a management philosophy that extends a level of service far beyond efficiency and courteous behavior. In this detailed case study, Bob Seidler explains how this outstanding feat was achieved.

Can Mystery Shopping Customer Raise Service levels?

In this cutthroat world of high competition, how does a service organization maintain its service quality? Read on to learn more.

They say wherever you go, there you are. Yet how present are you at any given time and place you find yourself? Many professionals appear in body but little else. Don’t get marked as missing in action.

10 quick and easy customer pleasing tips to adopt when you are replying to your customer’s email.

How do you answer when asked the question: “Does your Organization Make the Grade?”

Five Pillars of Sustaining Exceptional Service

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a great service provider? Read on to find out more.

Client Service as a Competitive Advantage

If you were hauled you into a court of law and accused of being a ‘world class’ client service provider, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” Many times, unfortunately, their answer is, “Probably not.”

No Customer Service – No Sale

Have you ever left a store without buying what you went there for? Make sure it doesn’t happen at your store or business.

Ken Blanchard – Lunch with the Best Selling Author thumbnail

I met for lunch with Dr Ken Blanchard, best-selling author of “The One Minute Manager” and “Raving Fans”. It was a great opportunity to gain an insight into the mind of one of the world’s leading management thinkers..

Where Are Your Executive Offices?

Ed Horrell takes a close look at Oden Marketing And Design, a true leader in the Kindness Revolution.

Empowering Customer Service is Vital

Empowerment in customer service has never been more important. This article explores ways that you can empower your employees to provide even better service.

Complaints are Actually a Good Thing!

Nobody likes to get complaints. They make you question your judgment, they can ruin your day, and they almost always leave you in a bad mood. But what if I told you that complaints are actually a good thing?

Delivering Customer Service Training That Sticks

No customer service program is complete until it addresses the integration of these 5 components.

Are You Turning Raving Fans into Roving Fans?

Are you neglecting the human side and missing opportunities to connect with your most enthusiastic customers?

3 Special Benefits Every Customer Wants

Every customer looks for three special benefits when they do business with you.

What Are You Measuring Your Customer Service With?

7 things that make or break Excellent Customer Service Personnel.

The 5 W’s of World Class Customer Service Training

The interaction anyone has at any level with your employees gives a customer an opportunity to make a judgment about you and your company. Find out why world-class customer service training is critical.

Seven questions we should all ask to unravel what is required to deliver superior customer service.