Top 5 AI-driven Customer Service Trends To Watch in 2022

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The quality of your customer service plays a pivotal role in making or breaking your brand. The good news is technology is helping brands meet this challenge with Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

As per Hubspot’s research, about 93% of customers return to brands with outstanding customer service. This data clearly elucidates the power of great customer service. Brands can harness the potential of service to impart an excellent customer experience which makes them stick to brands for longer. To make this task even simpler, brands can use AI-driven customer service technology.

Recently, Verified Market Research concluded that up to 2027, the Conversational AI space would surge exponentially and reach a valuation of $18.02 billion. In this article, we shall cover some of the AI-driven customer service trends that will help you push ahead ahead for business success.

5 Best AI-driven Customer Service Trends in 2022

1. Revolutionary Chatbots

Today everybody is familiar with how efficiently AI chatbots work. Over time, the world will also witness more advanced versions of these chatbots, paving their way to streamline and automate the entire business process.  These AI chatbots will be highly effective in quickly sharing all the necessary information that customers seek.

Once customers ask their queries, chatbots recognize them and produce respective responses as per the algorithm. All chatbots are capable of handling quick basic level queries such as price estimates or answering questions that have definite answers in a set knowledge base. Many businesses have already embraced this technology with open arms.

The best part is that its implementation is time-saving and offers fast real-time assistance. Also, their response quality keeps increasing with time. Owing to this, several development companies have been adding this functionality to offer an comprehensive, integrated customer support platform.Product suggestions

2. Improved Product Recommendations

Modern-day customers strive for personalized recommendations and love brands that impart the same. They are happy when they receive more accurate product recommendations based on what customers search the most.

For that, AI-enabled algorithms work smoothly to understand the customer’s buying choices and take the buying experience up a notch. You can even integrate initial information gathering using site questions or enable a customer propensity model for obtaining correct information.

AI can additionally help in enriching the customer experience on your site with new and innovative methods. Not only this, with time, you can even start strategic selling or upselling with more genuine product ideas and recommendations. And this in turn will power your growth.

3. Hassle-free Email Support

Up until now, AI-driven email support not only assures instant response to your queries but also helps in automating the email marketing strategy.  Regardless of your email program, a smart email header and subject formation as per your customer’s custom needs can be a useful addition to a faster and personalized AI approach. With the help of NLP, many businesses have opted for quick email framing based on previous communications to save precious time.

Many brands consider this as a great customer satisfaction enhancer and provide prompt responses by scanning customer emails and tagging important recipients for swift problem resolving.

AI works well alongside a task manager to automatically assign tasks to team members depending on the nature of the customer query.

All in all, the customer is happy with the fast and personalized experience they receive. There are still many more advancements underway, but the future will see an unlimited AI-powered email system at all times.

4. Adding a dash of personalization

While it is a magical moment for customers to come to your website and buy what they are searching for, AI provides one more ‘micro-moment’ opportunity. Handling these micro-moments on time not only improves the brands’ profitability but also benefits customers with other offers and deals.

More and more startups are scaling upwards by leveraging the potential of these micro-moments to capture customers’ attention and solve their issues effectively. On the sidelines, they offer the best solution that will smartly solve the marketing challenge and use this moment to impress their customers with their best offers.

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5. Multi-channel Live support

Common customer service issues such as lack of on-demand support result in a sense of brand unreliability. With the introduction of AI in a plethora of communication channels, it has become easier to identify customer concerns and provide immediate support. Not just this, in case the AI is unable to decipher the query, it gets passed on to a dedicated customer channel that is handled by trained customer support executives. This ensures the issue gets resolved in just a few minutes.

Currently, the addition of 24/7 live chat support or voice assistance enables brands to directly get in touch with customers and offer on-the-spot solutions in a jiffy. The best part is that AI tools are always available and keep working even during weekends or holidays. They certainly take your brand image to new levels.

Bonus – Pinnacle of Customer Service Provision

You can get AI support to manage your customer database software for rapid data access and speedy resolving of queries. This technology is super-beneficial but somewhat underrated. Although many customer database systems do not come with integrated AI support, it should be a preference as it has become cumbersome to manage the growing amount customer data. The ideal choice would be for an AI-enabled customer database software for instant support.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are more aware of  some of the amazing AI-enabled customer service trends, you can gauge the level of success it will bring to your business. Don’t worry; implementing these small AI practices will not make you lose the human connection. It will rather strengthen it with prompt responses and keen involvement. We are sure that these trends will prove to help your brand gain new customers’ trust and retain your current customers’ loyalty.

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