How to Organize Your Home Office to Be the Most Productive While You Work Remotely

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In the digital era, the notion of work underwent a lot of changes. In many cases, it is not necessary to go to the office in order to do your tasks. Due to advances in technology, many jobs can be performed remotely.

However, many people complain that the home office does not put them into the ‘working mood’ and makes them feel more disorganized and inactive. Indeed, sometimes it is more difficult to focus when there are many factors that distract us from the task. These can be other family members, uncomfortable furniture or gadgets, thoughts about the lack of control from the supervisor, etc.

Sometimes home office is the necessity. Indeed, it happens that in order to not lose the source of income, one has to work from home, either temporarily or permanently.

But what to do if the circumstances force you to work from home, but it is very difficult to focus and get organised? Here are some tips that will help you get more productive while working remotely:

Get Everything You Need

One of the reasons why we don’t like working from home is the fact that our offices are equipped with all the gadgets we need. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a printer, a fax machine, or two monitors.

Make a list of the things that you will need on a daily basis. Ask your boss whether some of the gadgets that are indispensable for your work can be borrowed from your home office. In many cases, you will be allowed to take such things as the laptop or a tablet you use at work, a 3D mouse, or an additional screen.

If the gadgets are used by many people in the office, and you cannot take them home, try to look for the possibilities to substitute them. For instance, you can use the Faxburner App instead of a fax machine.

If you are planning to work from home for a long time, it might be worth spending money on gadgets that will facilitate your work. It also applies to the furniture you need.

Working remotely on an uncomfortable desk or a chair is possible during a couple of weeks. But if you want your home to be the workplace for a couple of months, getting proper furniture is a must.

Don’t Turn Your Home Office Into a Pajama Party.

Every person is different and unique. But most of us commit the same mistake all over again. When we have to work from home, we stop caring about the clothes we wear.

What’s wrong with working in pajamas? It’s super comfortable and puts you in a good mood. But apart from being cozy it puts you in your sleepy and homey mode. This is the last thing you need while working from home.

Of course, there is no need to wear a tux or high heels. But the clothes should not be the same as you wear while chilling at home. Let your brain see the boundary between work and rest modes.

Also, don’t work with messy or greasy hair. You should feel comfortable with yourself in order to do the tasks that are assigned to you.

In addition, you may receive an unexpected video call. Don’t make your interlocutor have a wrong impression about you. Even if you work remotely, this is still your work.

Internal Organisation = External one

Order is for the stupid, and only the genius rules the chaos

Albert Einstein

But let’s be honest, you are not Albert Einstein. And for the tasks we usually perform at work, we need to be able to get focused. Usually, it is the mess on our desks that distracts us and does not let us get organised.

The piles of not needed papers and documents, dozens of pens, and some remnants of the lunch from yesterday… Will this inspire you to be efficient at work? The answer is obvious.

Therefore, it is worth your while to spend time on organising and cleaning your workplace. Leave on the desk only the things that you need during the work. Usually, these are just a couple of items.

The rest of the things should be organised into drawers or ditched if they are not needed anymore.

The room where you work cannot be messy either. Pick up the unnecessary cups, clothes, or plates. If there is a bed in the room where you plan to work, make sure it is made and looks tidy. An unmade bed always creates a sloppy and lazy atmosphere.

If your desktop is messy, remember to organise it too. Create separate folders for different files and delete the ones you don’t need. Make sure you know where to find the documents you need and don’t spend a lot of time searching for them.

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

There are many mood boosters that can inspire you to work more effectively. For instance, having a plant in a room will make your home office cosier.

Remember to open a window regularly and let the fresh air enter the room. Fresh air is the key to fresh ideas.

You can use scented candles or air fresheners to make the room smell good. But don’t choose too intense aromas. They might be distracting and even toxic for you.

The appropriate music can also put you into the working mood. Try to choose neutral melodies without lyrics. Many people like working while listening to classical music.

The sounds of nature also help to concentrate. There are many of them on YouTube or Spotify. You can feel like working next to the waterfall or in the middle of the forest while being at home.

Also, make sure there is enough light in the room you work in. The illumination should not be too bright. But you also cannot work in the complete darkness. The correct light will be beneficial to your mood and your eyesight.

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