8 Ways Commercial Cleaning Can Improve Productivity and Customer Service

Professional office cleaners

If there’s one thing business owners are always trying to increase, it’s productivity.

The more productive team members are, not only is work quantity increase but so does the quality. Customers are more satisfied, and revenue is maintained and increased.

But exactly how do managers and business owners further productivity in the workplace? It may come as a surprise that one of the easiest and most effective ways of doing so is by maintaining a clean work environment. Using a national commercial cleaning service is one of the best ways to do this, as it removed the hassle of employees having to take time out from their busy working day to keep things clean.

Below, we look at 8 ways utilising a cleaning service can lead to improved productivity in any organisation.

1. Reduces The Number Of Sick Days

The average employee takes 4.4 days off work each year due to illness. Not only does this reduce the number of hours that individual is working, but it also puts extra pressure on other staff trying to work towards targets with an unpredicted absence on their team.

It is rare for just one employee to fall ill, once a bug or virus has entered the workplace, it can spread like wildfire if not properly taken care of and if cleanliness isn’t upheld, entire teams can fall victim to it.

Professional cleaning companies are specialists in knowing those often forgotten areas when cleaning and preventing sickness in the office. This specialist know-how, teamed with high-standard cleaning products means businesses can dramatically reduce the risk of their employees having to take time off.

2. Boosts Concentration

A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind’ is a phrase that holds a lot of truth and is just as applicable vice versa, but it doesn’t just stop at employees’ personal areas. Some people thrive in this form of environment

If a working premise is filled with mess and too many stimuli, it can be difficult for staff to concentrate. By using contract cleaners to help remove clutter and keep all areas tidy, staff concentration levels can be instantly boosted.

3. Removes Wasted Time

It’s always important to reduce any issues that can result in wasted work hours. If a workplace isn’t properly organised, those few minutes here and there searching for something can quickly add up throughout the workforce.

Commercial cleaning services can provide that extra hand to help clean up at the end of the day and ensure everything is in its rightful place, meaning no one is going to waste time searching for what they need.

4. Reduces Stress

Most human beings don’t thrive well in cluttered, dirty environments and for many of us, this kind of working can increase stress levels.

A stressed or anxious employee is unlikely to produce their best quality of work. This can be rectified so easily with the use of commercial cleaners. Don’t like colleagues underperforming due to dirt, dust and grime.

5. Better Employee Retention

High staff turn-around rates are not only costly but also reduces productivity as employees are having to focus on training new starters.

While there are some elements of employees leaving the business that can’t be avoided, cleaning is something that is amended.

Staff are more likely to seek employment elsewhere if they dread their work environment. Something as seemingly small as an unhygienic washroom or kitchen area can lead to staff fearing Monday mornings.

6. Decreases Injury Risks

An injury at the workplace should always be taken seriously and if that injury was preventable, this can be incredibly detrimental to a business.

An injury can cause long and short-term problems to an employee or anyone visiting the building and alongside the obvious painful impact, it can also mean employees will need to take elongated breaks from their working life to recover.

Commercial cleaners will ensure that staircases are clear, corridors are free from clutter and fire escapes aren’t blocked.

Spills can lead to trips and falls, using a professional to sort this out not only removes the risk but the simple act of wet floor signs can make a world of difference.

7. Keep Tools and Equipment Running

Without properly functioning tools and equipment in the workplace, productivity can rapidly decrease and wait times for repairs or replacements aren’t ideal.

While the right office cleaning can’t guarantee nothing will ever break down, it can prolong the life of workplace equipment.

Dust may appear trivial, but when entering common items, such as computer fans and keyboards, this can quickly build up and cause damage. Regular dusting can reduce this.

Having a clean workspace can also lead to attitudes changing within employees if their working area is clean and tidy, they are more likely to treat their tools and equipment with respect, therefore reducing any risks of them becoming damaged.

8. Boosts Morale

A workplace with great morale will always be the most productive. Workplace atmosphere makes a huge difference to how people work and a positive one will lead to positive outcomes.

A clean, well presented, and respected space will give staff an office to be proud of and increase morale across the board. Employees will reflect this pride in their work and produce better results.

Ensuring a clean work environment is definitely one of the best and more effective ways any business owner can increase productivity. Those who fail to do so often don’t realise why staff are not reaching their full potential until it is too late.

There is little reason not to make the investment with commercial cleaners, after doing so, many businesses wonder how they ever coped without them.

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