Five Instagram Tips to Enhance Your Business’s Presence on Social Media

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People used to learn about businesses and companies through simple ways: commercials, billboards, and conversations.

With the quick changes in technology, especially social media, business professionals have had to think quickly and be expendable. Like any other change in the environment, they’ve had to learn to adapt. Instagram, the picture-sharing social media app, has been one of the most notable apps businesses have had to adapt to. Though it may seem challenging to get the hang of IG at first glance (or rather, first swipe), it’s really simple. With these five Instagram tips, anyone can enhance their business presence online.

 Get More Social Signals

Likes and comments are the missing ingredients in the ultimate Instagram recipe. They are what bring followers in for the bite. Likes mean that people are interested in what an account is putting out there. The more people are interested, the more others will follow. Getting likes for IG is simple, too. Anyone can ask their friends and family to like their initial posts, but there is another sure-fire way to get likes: invest in them. People can receive likes on Instagram on their own if they have a peek here.

Run Contests

 People love a great contest. Instagram businesses can build a bigger presence by hosting their own personal contests. Give away free merch or discounts through a photo contest. Businesses can make their contest and Instagram even more desirable by using a personal hashtag. IG users can then use that hashtag on their posts, which is ultimately a free promotion. Businesses can also request that Instagrammers tag them in their posts for the contest. This is a great way to bring in more followers and make people engage when a business’s content. Some Instagram contest ideas are:

  • Like/Comment to Win. This is simple. All the IG users must do is like or comment to be entered in the contest.
  • Photo Caption. Using a business photo, have people caption the photo in the comments. Whoever comes up with the most clever contest wins. 
  • Product Use Contest. Instagram users will be entered to win the contest by posting a picture of them using the business’s product and tagging the company in it. This is also a great time to showcase the business’s personalized hashtag.
  • Tag a Friend. Anyone who tags their friend (or multiple friends) in the business’s post comments is entered to win.

Support Other Accounts

Follow, like, and comment on other company Instagram’s and on other accounts. Businesses understand each other because they have to undergo the same experience on IG. View other companies on Instagram as friends and helping hands, instead of competition. Businesses can help one another grow by sharing the experiences they’ve had and what they’re learned. For any questions on what to message or comment on other Instagrammers, check out some templates here.

Use Attention-Grabbing Content

The best tool for drawing in authentic, interesting customers and followers is by providing quality content. Mix it up. Use photos, boomerangs, videos, live videos, and more. Showcase colorful, eye-pleasing pictures that intrigue the viewer. Always use captions on photos, so it’s more than just a pretty visual. Think through every single picture and post. What is there to gain from it? Will people like it? If not, come up with something else. In the case of Instagram, quality is better than quantity.

Be Consistent

 Another important tip for a business’s presence on social media is maintaining consistency. People follow that page for a reason. Post pictures that are relevant to Instagram’s brand and the business’s ideals. A business’s Instagram should be representative of that company. Don’t post pictures of puppies if the business is a cat food store. Try to keep the colors of IG similar, too. Aim to have a certain aesthetic on the company’s homepage and stick with it. This will generate regular followers who will rarely disappear.

Businesses who follow these tips are sure to make a name for themselves and develop a presence on Instagram. What they learn from IG can then be used on other social media sites. When building a company presence online, it’s important to draw in as many likes as possible, engage followers and non-followers by running contests, support other businesses and accounts, gain more attention with interesting content, and finally, stay consistent.

Companies have adapted to Instagram by learning, continuously trying to succeed, and asking for help when they need it. They have changed because of social media, but they’ve changed for the better.

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