Top 10 Customer Loyalty Tips

I think we can all agree that customer loyalty is essential for a successful business. Here are 10 tips to help ensure your customers remain loyal.

Customer loyalty is essential

Loyal customers will return to your business again and again and are more likely to recommend your product or service to others. Luckily, there are a number of methods and strategies that can be used to encourage loyalty from customers. Here are my top 10 customer loyalty tips.

1) Consistently deliver on promises

Customer are more likely to feel loyalty towards a company if they can be sure they are going to get exactly what they need from the company without any delays or problems. The company should not make promises that they cannot keep as this may damage their reputation.

2) Focus on the small details

Very often it is the little things that make customers feel valued by a company and therefore they are likely to remain loyal. Small touches such as addressing customers by their name and showing a genuine interest in the customers can make all the difference.

3) Provide value

If customers know that they can rely on the product and it is going to serve their needs then they will continue to use it. The company may need to adapt the product or service as required in order for it to continue to meet customer needs.

4) Treat customers like insiders

Reward loyal customers by letting them become the first to know about any upcoming offers or promotions that the company is offering. This can be extended by making special deals available to selected customers before they are rolled out to everyone.

5) Go further than the customer expects

Exceptional customer service is a great way for a company to earn loyalty from its customers. Customers will remember your brand when you go out of your way to help them. It is this kind of experience that customers will share with others.

6) Act quickly if there is a problem

Experiencing problems with a product that customers have purchased from a company may not in itself be a disaster, especially if the customer is loyal and has had no previous problems with the company. What can cause a problem though is if the customer finds it difficult or time consuming to rectify the issue.

7) Remember special occasions

Use your customer database to make note of information such as date of birth. Sending the customer a birthday card that includes a money off voucher is a great way to make the customer feel appreciated. It also has the benefit to the business of encouraging them to spend money when using the voucher.

8) Offer incentives to loyal customers

A loyalty program where the customer can accumulate points which can be redeemed for money off purchases can be the difference if the customer is choosing between two similar businesses. Customers like to feel rewarded for their loyalty. This kind of program can also be used as a marketing strategy. For example, on generally slow weeks, a double points promotion could be offered to attract customers.

9) Build employee loyalty

Customers can tell if an employee is really dedicated to the company they work for or whether they are only there for the money. An employee’s enthusiasm for the company and for the products they offer can be infectious. This will create a more enjoyable experience for the customers and make them more likely to return.

10) Get feedback from customers

This will serve two purposes. Firstly it will make the customers feel engaged with the company which will enhance their feelings of loyalty. Secondly it can give the company the chance to see what they are doing right and if there are any areas where they can improve.

Lease Van, one of the UK’s biggest van leasing companies uses Trustpilot to capture customer feedback and publishes the reviews on its website. The company’s current rating is ‘Excellent’ which shows that Lease Van’s customers are being listened to and their feedback acted upon.

Companies spend a lot of money on marketing in order to devise strategies that will attract new customers. While these strategies are important, remember that they will be most effective when they are implemented with the needs of the customers in mind.

As much effort should be put into retaining existing, loyal customers as there is in attracting new ones.

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Ellen Goodwright is a freelance writer and customer service raving fan! You can find tips for improving your customer service at her website Customer Service Basics.

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