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Supplier-Customer Relationship: A Case Study

In this article George F. Brown, Jr. presents a supplier-customer relationship case study for analysis.

Customer Service Lessons From a Sweaty Guy

Never overlook the importance of first impressions and employee recognition.

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How Job Satisfaction Can Affect Customer Loyalty

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How Do You Define a Customer?

Can you define the word customer? What does it mean to be a customer for your business?

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Your Company’s Bottom Line is Tied to Customer Satisfaction

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50 Ways to Invigorate Your Customer Service

Is your service “in”? Are people “into” what you have to offer them? Here are 50 ways to make your service the “in” place to be.

Customer Focus in a Slow Economy

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The Answer’s Yes – What’s the Question?

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Not Your Father’s (or Mother’s) Customer Service

Making customer service a vital focus in your organization can transform a forgotten department or role into a competitive advantage.

The Most Important Customer Service Question

“Will your customers recommend your products or services to someone else?”

Is the glass half empty or half full? The definition resides in your customers’ eyes.

6 Reasons Why Complaining Customers are Golden

We don’t always think of customer complaints as opportunities, but that’s just what they are.

Customer Satisfaction: What Yardstick Do You Choose?

When considering your performance, consider the yardsticks of your customers.

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