What is The Best Type Of Casino Customer Service?

Customer support agents

Nowadays, new casinos are coming out all the time and populating an already very popular betting sector and sometimes finding the right casino can be a challenge with all the new ones popping up.

When looking for the right casino you should follow strict criteria to make sure the casino that you use is safe and fun enough for your needs. There are a lot of sites offering players the best online slots but they are unsafe and can’t help you in your times of need, this is a massive problem for me and it should be for you too but why?

Well, sometimes things aren’t as smooth sailing as you want them to be and having a customer service team there to help is a huge help and shows the casino cares about you. If you find the perfect casino with a range of ways to get help then which should you use? Or if you find a really great casino with great slots but they only offer one form of communication, which should you look for? I will try to help you find these answers now.

Phone Support

Using a phone call to get support is something that is being used less as time goes on because people aren’t massive fans of phone calls anymore and most of the time, people would rather do the quicker option of talking on customer service chat or even emailing. On most customer service phone calls you get put on hold and have to hear that awful music that they play and it always ruins my mood and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Personally, of the choices we have, phone support would be my last choice unless it’s absolutely necessary. And usually, if it is necessary it ruins my day!

Email Support

I mentioned email support because it was a time when email support was the customer service support method to use. Now we have better options and we look back, was email support really that great? On some occasions it was great but for casinos, email isn’t the right type of support you need because of the time in between each reply, this is of no fault to the workers that are behind the emails because I understand that a lot of people will need help so it is a challenge to respond to everyone but it is still a negative. Sometimes if you are on a more independent casino you may get more speedy replies compared to the bigger chains.

Live Chat Support

To answer the general question of this page, this is the best type to use. Live chat support gives you the best of both worlds with speed and great help being there with a short waiting time and the personal touch that you need to get help. Live chat is usually available 24/7 and is always helpful for whatever issue you need.

Some of the bigger online casinos will have multiple channels of people who specialise in different areas for each of the player’s needs, this helps you get the best information for you and shows the player that the casino actually cares about helping you. This is something that I really lean towards when picking the casino I use.

What To Look Out For

I think there are specific things that you need to look for when looking for good customer service. One of the best is 24/7 support, you never know the time you can get an issue that needs attending to and having to wait till the morning is a huge issue for some people, including me.

Another thing that flies under the radar sometimes is multi-language support, a lot of people can’t speak English well but use English-speaking casinos, so having a team dedicated to the languages could drastically improve your experience and the overall look of the gambling community.

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